Content is the key to update adhere to the principle of doing standing

2 Aug 2017 admin

recently, in the webmaster network and other websites have seen everyone in the discussion Baidu phoenix nest plan problems, but also understand everyone’s mood, but their update is imperative. However, no matter how they update, always remain the same.

we all know that the search engine is now hybrid, and he’s changing algorithms too. So, do not worry too much or feel happy, do stand attention, or their own station problems.

take my own station, I am a small game station, this station has just done soon, we can look at, and now Baidu and GG are second pages, and done so long, but also summed up some things.

first of all, no matter how he updates, the content is the root of the website, the content is to provide customers, users, good content will have repeat customers, the importance of content, needless to say, we also understand. Whether you are original or false, original or worth mentioning. Your content must be substantial and attractive. Take my game station, I recently came to a small game "pleasant goat", not 2 days, it made people click more than 2000. So, we still follow their own way to do the content of the update, the content of the rich, and his search engine changes, will take care of you.

second points, the chain of the problem, good chain can make you twice the result with half the effort. How to do the chain? The so-called chain is clear is that external links, their station links from the outside to do; you can be Links (also a chain of), can be soft text links, can download links or other links. Regardless of the link, the end result is that you can access your site directly through the link. Of course, the random link can bring included, but basically no function, can not improve the weight, ranking is also not go up. So, when doing the chain, it is best to find some high weight blog and BBS, two or three days once can.

on the chain, it is the most common Links, when do you know the friendship, but should pay attention to regularly check the clearance, because the search engine will be.

so, no matter how they update, we don’t change at all. Of course, just my humble opinion.

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