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2 Aug 2017 admin

in 1999, when the unit went to work on the network, and then drive cats online, an hour expensive. Slow speed is poor, a picture is open to a few minutes, but to see the adult picture with bright red blossoms and green willows, snail. Contact network at that time can only satisfy that kind of seeking novelty mentality, see some adult picture article.

In 2000

started to contact the chat in the chat room laughing, brother in the chat room when mixed chat, chat room program is mostly a kind of Red Dragonfly ASP version, there are stars series of rooms in the Hong Kong Version, we use information is the Red Dragonfly ASP version of the global mixed level, different levels have different permissions. There are 6 levels of management level, can kick.. I was one of the few management powers at that time.

in the chat room and sometimes also by the high authority management and owners of the jurisdiction, sometimes very depressed, he had to do their own chat room thoughts, but I know nothing, ye do? Side began to study, then Baidu search engine is not so strong, GG is a large, multi portal below, not in direct access to knowledge, only in the major forum around, K666, CHINAZ, IM286 and other professional forum.

in 2001, rivers and lakes swept the Internet, combined with chat rooms and gaming entertainment. There is a high popularity, a man of rivers and lakes, a crane days outside the sky… I now have a 8.0SQL version of the men’s rivers and lakes, ha, have been treasured for years. The installation space of the rivers and lakes needs a virtual directory, and the sky and the sky can not be installed in the virtual directory. At the same time, the author introduces a batch program, which can make the Jianghu program as a free virtual directory. In fact, a crane batch file is very practical. You can batch replace everything in a web page. I’ve been using this software all the time. Powerful. I remember myself from the arena can also sell a lot of people want to play arena arena, he will not get, we will find help set up, in fact, I was half hearted, promise full source code download station to find the code, and then do the artists themselves, modify some things. Upload to space, give him permission, thousands of money into the bag. In 2001, more than 1000 of the income was good, and the average wage was less than 1000.

let me do the income of the new world as found in the network, as long as there is fresh stuff, then try to install, to change, to develop, is in the ignorant exploration network has accumulated until now let me return to the technology, spirit, thinking.

play in the rivers and lakes, usually integrated forum program, go to the forum program, only to find here is suitable for their own such selling Sao, occasionally send some original articles, occasionally published their feelings. Their first forum, remember is moving network, used to go, many users want to have their own personal forums, they will study the CGI BBS3000, you can build personal forums, in fact, now Dis>

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