A very useful online photo processing software

2 Aug 2017 admin

said the photo processing, we will think of powerful PHOTOSHOP, but a lot of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP for general users function for us are not used. Now, with the advances in online technology, online photo processing has begun to mainstream. Not only that, but now the online picture processing is becoming more and more popular. As long as there is a network, no matter where you are in the ends of the earth, you can easily handle the photos without professional software.

below, we will introduce you to a very useful online photo processing software "Tutu photo processing software"


photo resizing: very convenient for tailoring, rotating, and powerful fading (background) functionality for photo sizes.

photo effects: Tutu Photo software system automatically set up a variety of effects on the scheme, the picture clarity adjustment, brightness adjustment, color adjustment, black and white, nostalgia and other special effects, one minute on your beautiful photos!


photo cut function: including conventional photos size, such as: 1 inch phase, 3R, 4D, documents, photos, specifications, passport size, cutting very flexible, making photos is more handy.

auto adjustment function: ideal for brightness, fade, add photos, layers and beautiful effects. This will not be PHOTOSHOP’s friend, this feature will be very useful function.

photo color adjustment: color, contrast, saturation adjustment, you can also save color scheme, batch adjustment photos. A friend with a good sense of color can also easily adjust and make good pictures with different effects. Let your picture "dazzle" immediately!

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