The survival of a local and higher education websites

1 Aug 2017 admin

unconsciously has been standing for three years, think about the three years of the road to build the station, as if all the suffering in the world have eaten, but the result is good, all on the ok.

has always been a stand, a position, a website that I know well, and it turns out that my choice is right. I learn professional art background, every year there are a lot of candidates to participate in the examination, when I was in high school I accidentally browsing a website is a website specifically for the fine arts college entrance examination, the website gave me the feeling is: advertising, will certainly make money. Also to imitate the idea of this station. However, because of the urgency of the college entrance examination, I gradually lost this idea. After entering university, the boring college life made me slowly pick up the idea of doing the station in high school, so I bought a computer through my own work study program. I started my station experience.

at the beginning, nothing, nothing understood, even the most basic HTML will not, not to mention what site system, site software. So they started in the online crazy looking for some of the station information, consult some of the old owners, through more than two months unsuspectingly learning, began to establish their first site, more fortunately, I was not in the direction of station is also the site of the targeted industry did not hesitate, directly do I also do the Shandong art college entrance examination, I am in Shandong, more understanding of the industry in Shandong, the annual Shandong Arts candidates is the largest province, students brought a series of chain reaction will give my site to bring considerable benefits, do remember that station time domain name server space spent a total of only a few hundred dollars, and other sites really on the line, I feel that this industry is not so smooth, the site does not flow, just opened At the beginning also dozens of IP, at that time I did not understand what website promotion, things like SEO, only know the website must be included in the search engine is not good, the original web content is not enough, so in order to solve these problems, daily maintenance of website late into the night two or three o’clock to go to bed early at seven o’clock to get up on time, one is observation flow, one is some examination questions to the existing site visitor’s answer. So hold on for more than half a year, the site finally pick up every day, fixed with 800 to more than 1000 IP, but I still dare not relax, and more carefully, in the content in addition to reprint of examinations some students useful information, like other guidance this piece of information is written in my own.

when the IP search engine to account for 60% of the total site traffic, fixed users directly enter the site visit accounted for 35%, 5% of the IP from the link. The flow is still ok. Finally, there was the first advertiser in the fourth months of the website’s official operation. It’s an art training center. I made more than 2000 bucks then. With this money, I bought a better reputation and stable server. There is a greater increase in access speed

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