With electricity supplier market survey vision to see Baidu ah there is bound to fail

1 Aug 2017 admin

with electricity supplier market survey vision to see Baidu, ah, there must be a failure,

Baidu has ah is the consumer as the core, is committed to helping users to meet the commodity and service information acquisition, screening, communication, decision-making, e-commerce platform transactions until the innovation, open, life. Since the creation of Baidu "to make people convenient access to information, find what we seek the company mission, ah has been committed to the search seamless community and e-commerce engine, and always adhere to the users to provide e-commerce products and services based on search engine, to better meet the needs of both consumers and merchants. In April 21, 2011, ah, the new platform formally launched, the new platform to reduce its own types of services, determined to create a distinctive life information service platform. But unfortunately, there are ah’s business, and ultimately failed. Why so deep pocketed Baidu even in the electronic commerce fell down? What is the reason of early failure of Baidu has ah


, first of all, from the domain name perspective to analyze the inevitable abortion

domain name is the soul of website development. No class domain name, it is hard to tell you a website bigger and stronger. Therefore, when a website is bigger and stronger, the domain name upgrade becomes the inevitable choice for all webmaster. To this end, Baidu has ah on this issue made a mistake in the Chinese meaning neither fish nor fowl. Yes, youa.com, domain name from the point of view, why not choose you.com? But only with youa.com, despite the domain compensation, but ah, the word, but I Chinese dynamic verbs, "Kazakhstan" can also add a "ah", it must neither fish nor fowl. From this point of view the domain name, if Baidu had chosen "you.com", named as excellent shopping network, and perhaps the future, unfortunately, not Baidu, but not many people choose a cheer of "youa.com" domain name, on this point, there is a serious error and error is that the domain name, so there. Ah, the electricity supplier dream so broken, such a project, inevitable abortion. Because compare Taobao, Tmall, the domain name that use, it is first-rate domain name. If yes, really want to move on, the only way to upgrade the domain name must be placed in the first step. And "you.com" excellent buy domain name, become the first choice.

secondly, from the perspective of electricity providers to analyze this, ah, there must be a failure,

yes the service I have not used, but from the positioning of the site, in general, Baidu wants to feed the baby, should not be a problem, because Baidu traffic as input, QQ input as simple flow. Why Tencent can do it, 51buy.com development is good, and alone, ah, you have to fail, which has direct relationship with management positioning of the site.

A typical feature of the

service is the need to maximize the use of our service products, and Baidu seems to do so, but why?

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