Mou Changqing the process of learning data analysis is more important than the outcome

1 Aug 2017 admin

‘s mission last week was to ask students to make a new micro-blog and make 500 listeners in 5 days. This task is relatively simple, as long as mastered the skills, only 10 minutes per day to do, but also can easily complete the task. This week’s second entry task is much more difficult than the first.

one: the 2 entry task

task content:

this week’s first task is to train students the ability to collect data and efficiency, require students to collect all can open the "Links platform" type of website, and publish a web site named, because most Links link information platform is the only one, is a web site only once. Therefore, through this judgment, which is the first time the students to find the link platform and the successful launch of the specific URL, efficiency and data collection exercise participants.


collection link platform is only a small prelude to this task. Data collection is good, but also requires students from the user’s point of view, as an ordinary webmaster, why go to these links platform, sorting these linked platform, web site related data?. Through the data, can be clear at a glance, let others know what links platform is good, and which is not good. From the ability to train students’ data analysis, when you do similar things in the future, there is a basic judgment of the quality of the site.

initial task:

this task in front of 2 days, and I will not allow students to exchange ideas with each other, because I want to cultivate their self the ability to analyze data, if you start to let me tell them what the sorted data, it would not reach the purpose of training. Until week 3 in the evening, most of the students have begun collecting data about data sorting, some students also put the data items they arrange for me to look at, found that most of the students ability in this area is still relatively weak, finishing are of no great importance of data. In order not to waste their time, to sort out some useless data, so in the 3 night in the YY chat room and students communicate, and told them about the direction.

task objective:

I once wrote an article, "data analysis is the best helper for network promotion". I always feel that I can do a good job of data analysis, and it is very important to help network promotion. It can be said that all my promotional experiences are based on data analysis. Therefore, the second phase of the task is to train the students’ ability in this field.

often my blog friends will find, I had written a large amount of data sharing and data analysis of the article, such as "popular TOP66" video website SEO Post Bar summary "data analysis" and "popular TOP74 navigation station summary share" etc.. In this way, similar data collation and analysis, from the beginning of 05 years, I have done less than 30 different types of data collection and collation. Students also do not expect, through this study, you can!

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