SEO site should do a good job but also to do a good job user experience

1 Aug 2017 admin

SEO do not know when you have a few in the whole world of the Internet popular inside and outside, do not pay attention to the so-called SEO, especially those who rely on Baidu search by the so-called living garbage station owners, several key sites do go up, even if your site is a garbage can’t refuse the page, IP still will brush point here, then look at your website SEO level, so in recent years, whether it is the so-called SEO training or SEO advertising network to fly everywhere pretty, so everything is stand in front of the interests of the. But today I want to say is you do a SEO website, if your website user experience is very bad, so bring you good ranking is not good or the conversion rate is good interest, perhaps every ten thousand IP corresponding to the PV is only ten thousand, that is to say your website has no need to exist.

on the day before yesterday, May Day holiday, went to a friend’s home (a female friend), although not very fat body, but also makes people feel enough fullness, ha ha. The girls want to lean like hemp rod, to see her in the diet pills, I told her at a young age or as well, is the three drug, even if there is one day your figure cut out but eat physical effects, it The loss outweighs the gain.. She asked me not to take medicine as to how to lose weight, I don’t want to starve….. I told her to go to the net search, free way to lose weight a lot, although I don’t lose weight but also every day and dealing with the Internet, or how many of these know a little.

her search in Baidu, how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, how to lose weight, weight loss method, one by one to the point, because the first few are extended, (she is not known) did not see what useful information to the natural ranking website, although each title the same, but this is what this copy copy, which is March, some even has some articles on other websites, in some website is the latest article, her busy for a long time, but also take notes is the copy, all the see of all see, search how to lose weight the results, Baidu turned a few pages, did not find a few really satisfied with her website, but how to lose weight in the first rank ( looks good, and she shut the search Key words are very similar, as is the official like, I would see her down this site, a 10 page ranking website, you can not say that other website ranking is not good, in my observation ranked first and tenth of the visitors, and not much difference, often in the 10 sites to select suitable for their own websites, and content.

so little things from this a little bit in let me know that the site to long-term development, still cannot do without the user traffic and IP is not too important, unless you do is a very popular keywords, every Jiwanshijiwan search >

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