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31 Jul 2017 admin

the first to talk about my contact experience, 07 years I will contact Taobao, then purchase their own selling clothing, sold a month business is good, but for various reasons do not last, then apply to a company a year in the class, but the kind of oppressive environment couldn’t stand

store experience: finally decided to open a clothing store, everywhere some money I managed to wholesale shop to do it, then the fragile heart, looked everywhere to borrow money to go a little bit less, the heart is really painful, really afraid of the money was gone for ever. But the store business is good, slowly store on track, Taobao also gave up nearly two years ago heard a friend said his friends sell things online, now earn hundreds of thousands years, HO~~MY GOD, is really envy ah, but he didn’t what input, unlike me every day the rent, electricity, staff management fee… It was a lot of money, so once again, the guy who was particularly keen on Taobao came back to Taobao.


shop experience: but this is easy to have much ~ ~ the store, not afraid of the supply problem, and adequate supply, price is the advantage, full of confidence, I spent a whole week, one is finally the goods are available, the next thing is to wait for the customer, after second days. The nice buzz sounded, dare to climb up a tight look: advertising, halo, really want to kill this man, and I have excited for a long time, it is a long day time (but fortunately, I shop business is too busy, but wait a bit, we have customers) to ask MM the clothes, excited ah ~ ~ ask me a short talk shop, also can finally come to a price is too expensive, gosh! I really want to collapse, I store delivery price is 28 yuan, the general retail price of the cheapest sold 35 yuan, of course, the store No such freight, but sometimes I want to remind you to go to MM, the market did not fare, don’t eat all the expenses? But I really can’t wait for a long time the price, the final transaction transaction

after this time of the entity shop, contact Taobao time is long, also count a little feeling,

1, PK

shop shopI studied the

entity shop for nearly a month, mainly to have sublet and information, to choose a suitable location and price negotiation with landlord, electricity and other issues, and be sure to ask a lot of some circumstances surrounding the landlord of the house, wholesale shop a little better, because the wholesale city are relatively concentrated as

et al, subletTaobao

shop is not the considerations, the most is a good name, want good name! But really two years ago in the Taobao shop business better, now the competition is so intense.

2, capital PK

The most important thing for

to open an entity store is the problem of funds. It is necessary to prepare funds before setting up shop and prepare for the later period of the week

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