The e book download station once confused me

31 Jul 2017 admin

site framework out, and endure the whole four days, technology is not, do very hard, the mood was very low. Always worry about space, asked a lot of flat-share, VPS said they are not allowed to do download station, almost abandoned the station in June 2nd, Taobao can see the season to pay only rent to the space, because the site in the small space frame well, directly uploaded. Four days, average sleep less than five hours a day, so stay beside the computer, obviously feel the spirit is not good. My girlfriend looked distressed dead tomorrow, said a good cook comfort me, my heart is still very pleased, wife know the pain of people, ha ha. Who called my wife is a 90 after it! This period of time is really hard, the original did two part-time, and now also quit a, must also do their own web site. Here again thank Ju brother, ha ha, thank him for his trust.

After the

website frame, encountered a problem, the domain name of the website said, not advertising, just want you to give me some advice about my brother. Certainly we need to learn, need advice, need the help of others, a person’s strength is too small, and really go to the website, it is very difficult to rely on individuals. When I download: ( hope that friends can add a lot to the younger brother of QQ:791545207, make a suggestion, can do a Links to me, it is thanks to this website, Baidu only included a page, collected in June 2nd, there is a need to do link brother contact me. Thank you very much.

doesn’t know whether it’s right or wrong to do an e-book download station. It’s a big investment. It’s really a little confusing. It must be a person walking, doing very tired and very tiring. Do not know the flow is done, and can bring me much value?. But I really like the network, perhaps I now the idea is to put it simply as an interest in doing, no matter what can make? That is my all, I love on the Internet industry deeply.

confused life still need to move forward, regardless of the outcome, we are always on the way? I said last time station in the way? I feel we still need to set foot in the community, can not deviate from the society. Maybe we should live a normal life, do a job, or do a part-time job, that way, our life will be guaranteed.

, brothers, the body is the most important, we must maintain the quality of life, although we can endure anything bitter, can withstand, but we still have to afford our body ah.

literary talent is not good, you forgive me, dry the site a few days of traffic, you guys recommend a lot, friendship, friends, a good way to go. Not confined to a small circle, the outside world is very big, we need such talent, ha ha, is a long way to go, I will seek the word encourage ourselves and friends, life need to seek and unyielding spirit, I wish you can go.

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