Talk about the weight loss and recovery method after this Baidu update

31 Jul 2017 admin

came to A5 almost 2 months ago, learned a lot of new knowledge here, and also got the advice of the older generation. As before the debut wrote the original article "how can I just do website promotion to the first page of Baidu", also be seven moderator positioning for the original article, thanks, also strengthened my determination to continue learning.

also contributed as a debut in a5.

said this on the back. About weight loss and recovery after Baidu’s massive update in June 21st.


first look at this picture. Very clear description of the effect of this update. That is, from June 21st to 21, the K station and the proportion, which is quite high. Notice the green arrow on day 21.

Baidu after this large-scale update, my site also appeared weight overnight disappear, all keywords ranking also disappeared. Such a situation, it is estimated that many years in the A5 predecessors will not panic, free countermeasures. But it was a bolt from the blue for me as a new comer. It was really a feeling of returning to liberation overnight.

felt like he was wasting his time working for months before. Just because Baidu update, weight loss, the heart inevitably some uncomfortable. But later I consulted some seniors and gave me confidence. Here are some of the problems with my website:

first, for new Adsense, encountered such a situation, must not panic, check their own included changes are particularly evident. As follows: my site from the beginning of 11, there has been a downward trend, but after 18 from the beginning of a slow increase in normal, so by this point to determine that my station must not be K.


, for the inclusion reduction, I found some reasons for my own. First of all, in terms of quantity of articles, since the number 11 began to fill only 20 articles a day, and most of them were plagiarized, it caused a sharp decline in numbers. Although this does not affect my weight, but it has brought a great impact to my collection.

in the quality aspect, before writing some original articles, rarely collected, these days because of lazy, so lead to the quality decline, led to the collection.

from 11 start, the chain release is not particularly stable, belong to the three day fishing, two days drying nets type, instant is the previous labor achievement, Gong Kui in the break.

Links this aspect did not vigorously to do, because it is the company’s website in the news website of the soft, so the website content page and column page directly with some news for the link exchange, do false chain.

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