Niuniu simply talk about how to use Baidu search list quick access to traffic

31 Jul 2017 admin

see if your station meets the following situations:

your station was included by Baidu, but the traffic from Baidu is relatively small. Your station is new station, the weight is not high, Baidu has not included your station. Suggest that you use this method, can help you quickly improve the site traffic and increase the chain. Your station, Baidu included a lot of traffic is also very high. Can use this method to improve the collection and traffic, very good.

, let’s take the movie station as an example:

first, open Baidu’s Chinese search list (, find entertainment columns – movies and TV shows, you can see the top three, search volume is very large. If you can do the keyword well, the traffic to your station is still impressive. Let’s take a look at the top three movie and TV series:


86088 flat three shots.

October siege 55043 golden class 61982

Afanda 39939 next stop, happy 57500

first three search volume is very large, and later search volume is quite small. I mainly do the top three keywords and then to operate with the blog group, the forum message tool, (Note: the blog to choose weight better, such as: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, CICC and Baidu blog, forum is this type of pile. Now there are many online postings, 5000 forums, 10 pieces of hair a day, the effect is still very good. ) of course, you can use other methods, and on the premise that you want to publish these movies on the website, edit the content.

and then properly optimize the title and content of the film, for example: Plus (online watch, HD online watch), the most important thing to remember is to add site links, that is, watch the address bar. As a result, your web pages are most likely to be searched by users. After a good mass, Baidu spider will soon climb to your blog BBS, put you in the blog, BBS release some content, the content of the title to included. Finally, you just wait for the flow. I used a key word and brought me thousands of IP in one night.

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