Website construction study use conversion rate to solve difficulty

31 Jul 2017 admin

When you have been blind in

ask, when we all seek their own, learning website itself may be an extremely difficult for all learning website friends! So can we use the conversion rate to decompose it? The difficulty is not difficult, the difficult points is simple, so that you can properly use this to build a website to you! Then explain to you, how to use the conversion rate to break difficult to make a website you need.

: first, you are going to think, is not required to understand those troubled code language, HTMT, PHP and so on, these you can have it all away to the back of the head, you only need to know, ask yourself what you need to do a station? What is your website love to do? Don’t tell I like Sina! You are completely blind, many people do see the portal to make money, do portal flow, they learn to do portal, see do good to do navigation, navigation, so you have to ask yourself, do you have the strength to do? When you stand no, you want to do this, it doesn’t belong to you! Unless you have a lot of money, find the master to help you manage, you also need to learn this, website? Back to a word, no matter what is the first station to the theme, what do you want What website, website is suitable for you, you think you can manage, for example: the music station, it must be like a music station, not to engage in the music and what picture, like a paradise that is 100, you put your own theme to break, has become a disorderly station, so others called trash! To the theme, in accordance with your theme for to carry out the following topics around the content, so it is a website.

: then do stand like a man, you want to show a good image in front of others, you must do your site’s home page, the home page is every visitor first to arrive at the first sight, if your home is not good, then you shouldn’t do the other. Home do not, directly affect the core of all your website, if you are, when others website, home page design is very messy, very ugly, then you have to click on anything else? I want you to start a fork. So, no matter what station you are doing, please pay attention to the homepage design. About the homepage design, the suggestion is as follows:

1: don’t put too many pictures, animation, video and so on, unless you are doing this, otherwise don’t do this, because this is not conducive to the search engine grab, because it still can not identify the image file and so on.. Site landscaping is important, but try to be appropriate,


2: don’t put too much content on your home page unless your website is large and it’s a portal. Place too much content, will affect the site open speed, if open slow is a fatal injury, ask others to open your site, need to wait several minutes to open, so people have to wait for a search in a search? "

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