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29 Jul 2017 admin

local community early promotion must we all have different ways, I personally in the last film station entertainment station is shut down, started a local forum in early January, now has half the time, although this time the forum and not much development, but I use the time to the adjustment and the next step for promotion.

local Forum promotion, in addition to the Q group, bar and other publicity, as well as activities and physical advertising. In doing a local forum, first of all, do a local investigation, you should understand the local people, think about it, view their views, and all the planning should also be made around the local people.

said below, I operate the Suining forum www.xinsuining.com key experience.

, a Baidu search to find the local popular keywords. For example, Suining and Suining related forums Xicihutong forum, go after a detailed understanding of why users will go to search the keyword. Through the survey found that although Suining Xicihutong forum is a network platform designated by the county Party Secretary, for the opinions of the people. Government officials should answer in time.

two, looking for good keywords, is to do is to optimize your site settings. Change the title and description. Now these 2 points are important to search engines. You see, you have been included in the page will find that this is the focus of search engines grab.

three, page optimization is good, you need to find is the chain. It’s hard to find a friendship connection when you start doing it. Only through their own efforts to add links. Relatively good is to go to stick it and know the problem that answers local netizen. By the way, give publicity to your station.

four, the last point is very important, that is, to retain friends, since you have been through optimization and publicity to a lot of friends. You must contact and interact with them for the first time and leave them in the forum. Then your forum will become stronger and stronger.

to say this first, I hope everyone new year traffic more and more sufficient, also hope to make friends with the local station to make a friend, exchange friendship connection.

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