Discussion on the operation model and future development trend of the platform of the Amoy electrici

29 Jul 2017 admin

the current domestic sea Amoy business platform storm temporarily subsided, today we will talk about a sea Amoy and electricity supplier website and the future prospects for development.

one, electricity supplier era

What is the most primitive factor that

decides the user buys? In ancient times, the era of street vendors. People look at the goods in front of the vendors according to their own needs and assess the value the goods can give themselves. And vendors will give users a quote, if the price is higher than the value of the user evaluation, the user will bargain to reach the user psychological price, the transaction success. So, the original transaction is simple. Whether or not it will be done depends on two factors, the value and the price.

time continues to move forward. What are the factors that affect trading in the modern era? In modern times, people no longer like ancient times, just take a commodity scrutiny, you can determine its value. Advertising / propaganda has greatly influenced people’s judgments about value. And businesses are no longer limited to the user’s original demand for the sale of goods, will try to stimulate consumer spending. Over 99 minus 10, season big promotion, members of integral cards filled with our lives. People get accustomed to this, will wait for special discount sale purchase season. Therefore, in addition to the initial value and price, the market means has become an important decision-making factor.

Internet era, the electricity supplier came. While bringing convenience to people, it also magnifies another problem, the degree of trust. Although the question of trust has existed since ancient times, but never as serious as the electricity supplier era. Because we can not take the goods in hand, it seems that the value of judgment, can judge the value of only publicity pictures, copy and "pro."". When the fake / Liepin hands, you don’t have any way, not even like the ancient times, to lift the vendors of the table. Selling more easily, the cost is lower, almost no punishment. What other reasons is there for merchants to avoid doing so?.

therefore, for the electricity supplier, the transaction decision-making factors: value, price, market means, trust.

do electricity providers, is simply try to make the four factors to achieve the best.

value: embodied in the control of the product itself. Have high-quality supply channels, and even go deep into the production process.

price: price focuses on cost control. Just like passing the middle line, the transaction needs the store cost, but the electricity supplier storefront cost is very low, therefore the price can manifest the superiority.

market tools: various operational activities and marketing tools.

Trust: building trust through high quality shopping experience and high cost performance. Or by other means to establish trust, such as the little red book, to obtain user trust with the community.

is the best example of millet, in-depth production links, improve commodity value; initial sale at low prices, expand the scale, reduce costs and maintain low prices; various market means publicity, conference, rice Festival, new media

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