Jagged networks listed three new board the first military community commercial road

29 Jul 2017 admin

Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jagged") formally listed on the new board (Stock Code: 833658), listed at the same time, private placement valued at 416 million yuan. So far, after 15 years of development of the iron and blood network, officially became the country’s first landing three new board of military web site, is also the first in the new three board listed community electricity supplier company.

The transfer mode of

for iron technology market making trading market maker to issue 2 million 600 thousand shares, the market maker for the Limited by Share Ltd, Orient Securities, Northeast Securities, essence securities Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd. One of the technical director is famous investor Zhang Ying, corporate shareholders Jingwei, east rich sea, the combined force of Qingyuan and other well-known investment institutions.

chairman and general manager Jiang Lei, is currently the largest shareholder of the iron and blood technology, the actual controller. Jiang Lei, 16 years old, walks into Tsinghua University, the following year to establish a network of blood, 20 years old direct access to study for the doctorate, 22 years old to give up doctoral degree, and strive for the development mode of the network of blood and iron.

initial stage: military network literature cradle

is one of the earliest large-scale network communities built in china. As early as the beginning of the establishment, the "net of blood and iron" captured the development potential of the network literature market. The reading is the cradle of the original military network literature, gave birth to the "pioneer" Special Warfare ("Snow Leopard", "penetration", the original) "second hand" and a number of popular network literary works. In 2015, by the famous action star Wu Jing directed the film "modern military theme" wolf, also by the Tiexue exploits the author as a screenwriter. In recent years, the network literature has begun to build 10 billion IP transactions on the market scale, holding a large number of high-quality network literary copyright Tiexue reading is a major positive, it signed an exclusive copyright works adapted war drama "code called sparrow" hit during eleven, and a "Hummer" has recently start shooting the sun.

relies on well-known and excellent network literature works, and has accumulated vast user resources as well as rich operating experience. With the rapid development of the Internet community form, with the vertical network community of the main business, focusing on the military culture brand, jagged Tiexue has changed from pure BBS mode, development with integrated functions, and realize the important function of the media, social, business, reading, games and other military theme website, the ultimate success the first military community industry status.

exploration period: Community + electricity supplier model to form

Like other vertical community websites,

‘s early predator profit model relies largely on advertising revenue. Jiang Lei believes that vertical communities should also be more abundant income realization way, so Jiang Lei decided to explore the community and electricity providers combined business model. Through the use of large data analysis of the interests of users preferences, Jiang Lei decided to try military sales. 2008, the establishment of the country’s first military technology, military electricity supplier website – "iron and blood monarch" conduct. The blood Lord’s conduct is A>

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