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29 Jul 2017 admin

us buy site Groupon model success, let buy Group website overnight fire in china. Such a miracle, in the "Chinese Internet hobby imitation", how can not be copied? Made in China China cheap goods is the characteristics of the economic development, while copy to China is one of the characteristics of the development of the Internet China. As the night suddenly Tuanfeng, thousands of thousands of group purchase open Groupon mode, copycats have opened a prelude to the hundred regiments.

in Groupon mode in the Chinese hot, the rise of group purchase website has its inevitable factors, one is the market demand dictates, businesses hope that through the group purchase discounts earn popularity, selling more products, and consumers want to buy more cheap goods. The two group purchase website development is the low threshold, low cost, and the open source process hoon, the basic operation cost is low, and there is a ready-made model to imitate, high productivity and low investment that is the biggest reason for countless entrepreneurs want to get involved.

, however, there are few really successful group buying websites. According to statistics, the number of group buying websites is increasing at an average rate of four per day. Although a large number of, but the real achievements are few, there are many buy site because of bad management or credibility problems closed. Hundred regiments reshuffle is unavoidable. Continue to shuffle in the new group purchase website, the site continue to be eliminated in the case, some of the old Internet giant is still optimistic about the new Gold Coast Internet, advanced in the field of group purchase rate in June 1st from the Sohu, Sina, Tencent, also have to enter into the market group purchase group purchase, with standard portal. The line is only 1 months, the Sohu love of family groups attracted 10 thousand and 3 thousand people by way of group purchase to low discount right to buy goods, buy the single highest number reached 2400;’s group purchase platform to launch the first single rice Cheng Longyao Lai international studios package, the day turnover of 150 thousand. Data illustrates the power of group buying. Why so many domestic group purchase website, the real success of the few? Why Tencent launched a group purchase website, Wang Xing was anxious to curse? Why are the same pattern, only a small part of the success of


buy although the threshold is low, small investment, but so many sites, there is no innovation, just simply imitate the Groupon model, can not bring success. In the same mode, facing the market competition, the group buying website also needs to invest and work hard from many aspects. From the portal group buying hot, we can peep out, want to do a successful group buying website, what elements still need to have?.


said the investment is small, just run a basic group purchase site requires the capital is not much, but to do a successful group purchase station, need to input is quite large, from the operator to the promotion, need strong capital support. Especially the group buying website is a meager profit management, there is no financial support in the early stage, and its own lack of hematopoietic function, it is likely to encounter bottlenecks. And big >

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