How to be a successful webmaster and share with novice friends

28 Jul 2017 admin

how do we quickly become a successful webmaster,


that’s all my point of view. I’m not completely experienced, because I’m not a very successful station so far.

I, learning ability.

many people love Discuz, "the official asked." but according to the observation, basically all the problems can be solved by searching function. If you really do not have the answer, then do it yourself have ample food and clothing is also very good habits. You can find the answer by searching and solving it yourself, then you can certainly become a persistent and determined webmaster. As a programmer, will not be very good use of the network to find their own answers or their own solution, then you do not succeed in the station may not be particularly large. I also have a website for some time, from the beginning of learning links writing, and so far, the forum does not ask questions more than 5 times.

two, what’s the problem?.

you should learn what? What do you do for? A person’s energy is never infinite, learned a language has been very good, the vast knowledge that determines there is absolutely no all rounder in the world. If you learn this today, you’ll learn that tomorrow, and you’ll learn XXX the day after tomorrow…. Haven’t finished learning, but also think of the website optimization, server maintenance, etc., the final result is nothing learned, because you have no perseverance. Some people may ask: I will only HTML, or only in some areas more strong, and some other aspects of the weak, how to do it? A good site, you need all aspects of technology ah. Yes, I don’t think it’s so easy to succeed any time now. So, you need to cooperate with the webmaster, you need:

three, no evil attitude. Trust is the basis of cooperation, seek to win-win attitude, and to find partners, as we do, a station to improve the customer experience, increase customer reputation, you need to let visitors feel your friendship, your friendship. In the process of looking for partners, of course, this time will be able to encounter swindlers, it does not matter, in life to make a good friend, is also very difficult. Failure is the mother of success。 But we need cooperation, how can we cooperate,


four, the ability to judge. The Internet is full of lies and deception, you ask a question, there will be exactly the opposite answer, so you need to improve your ability to judge, from many results, to find a normal result from massive information, to find useful information from a pile of strange face, find that the integrity of the face, difficult? Is a bit difficult, but also not really don’t go. So you need to have:

five, the ability to adhere to. Do you need persistence, a website from scratch to thousands, tens of thousands of IP, in a day, the day is not possible to complete the. Although the number of websites on the Internet is increased to several million in the next few days

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