Baidu’s collection of new sites thinking and methods

28 Jul 2017 admin

since April 9th, stationmaster net SEO contest started, the new station has about 100 abstruse cereal N Google, everyone to see, but, until now, in April 15, 2008, for the past 6 days, there is not a new station was included in Baidu, which is why


had seen many articles to say how to let Baidu fast included your station, said very cow B, but why now is not a station to be included? Do not create new keywords


I analysis the reason, Baidu included new keywords is the first storage, then there is a time and assessment period, how long, it is difficult to estimate, but if in a period of the keywords in the other sites were not included, will be put out, this is a new well being collection methods.


, why not a new Olympic Valley is included? The reason is probably as follows.

since April 9th, since the webmaster network announced the news, the word N was standing, Baidu suddenly found the word, but the creation of keyword method will certainly fail, although Baidu database for this word, but at the same time, there have been so many words, Baidu will not think you are original, have High Authority Station Network in the first time, stationmaster net release, Baidu has put in storage, so in the grassroots speculation, according to Baidu algorithm, a long time will not release the word of the new station, at best to release some personal blog like old domain name.

in fact, there is a train of thought worth learning from. Since so many people use the words "100 abstruse cereal", our new sites must not be used, how to do that? Why don’t we go to create a keyword, and then use this web site keywords, wait to be included, to change the words, just to maintain the weight.

in fact, Baidu is not included in the new SEO, since it is a contest, each domain outreach more scary, you can go to the Baidu link, for example, I have the new station is a NBA broadcast station Baidu Baidu know you to have your storage station.

originally I also participated in this competition, this train of thought also just thought of, I go to practice, then with everyone in my blog share the test results.

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