Cn new sites and Baidu’s affectionate struggle

28 Jul 2017 admin

years ago had a health class website idea, plan a is the Sanxiawuquer fix! Many of the procedures, choose the most suitable; as for art, he is engaged in this design, it is not difficult; wildly beating gongs and drums for half a month, the new station asked the world


why do this site, you can see this article would also have the experience, do this for two years, every time you open the computer in the first ten minutes, the eyes are very uncomfortable, when the morning down, has a very hard feeling back; in physical condition is the decline to the webmaster friends! Have a similar experience, so the health website "

as a way of keeping good health"!The

website produced, so that the search engine optimization, can bring you flow, can give you create wealth! I will summarize the experience and lessons in the collection and optimization process, hope you can help


1: how do you get search engines to include


reminder, you must have a good attitude; good mentality is the webmaster of virtue, but also the SEOER which is indispensable; in doing this before I get fully ready ".Cn domain name Baidu is not included, the new station is not included are flying all over the sky"; the two are all my I can’t believe, the day before New Year’s Eve… My new release, the Internet was a new army of


Google will not say more, the new station issued second days included;

focus on the new station was Baidu included experience, released the first day without movement, second days without movement, third days without movement… During this period, I insist on every day with new, every day repeat very mechanical labor!


want to attract a spider to climb, the source of information is very important to the new and have a sound value; this is a bit difficult, oh, share tips on experience is not known to me; the information is collected from Baidu news, then finishing editing publishing; it worked to ensure that your information there is a relatively new value! Point information must be edited, plagiarism words "at least let search engine that is the original" OK!

after fifteen days, the Lantern Festival, the machinery to the Baidu site, to my surprise, the station has more than 100 pages indexed, from a snapshot view is a week after the release began preliminary included in the new Baidu! This included an end to


this time I didn’t exchange Links, several messages with another site in my "desktop world" up! And adhere to high quality daily updates, to say it so much! Was included in Baidu is actually to process


two: pregnant SEO worry and stroke

hi – the SEO knowledge I have learned, "keyword thickening, H1, hot search, copyright information, keyword distribution techniques" and so on, all used, really can be described as "play"

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