How to use half PV browsing in the same P

25 Jul 2017 admin

"this site is good, first collection; this site interface is good, first download, retain, and so on later reference."……" When I think of these ideas, most of our webmaster friends in online traffic sites also have had, is not too much to your satisfaction will not be less one or two, which I think no friend will oppose website at first glance gives the feeling of success even if the first step of our website promotion marketing, if you don’t believe it, I will give you 2 pages now you see, that which is good ( and, I don’t think I need to say that you already know the answer.

then, love your site style friends may, might be saved, but the ultimate goal is for the next to your site traffic information or enjoy the page; secondly, in addition to the interface of love friends, you need to seize those in order to view the information of a friend is not great, occupy the position of the page, as long as rich in content, there must be love people, of course, for those in order to extract the content of the website and the page information acquisition friend occupy most of those who, at least they first move is to see the content of your website, since in can also look good, useful on its own, or information of interest to them not it is said, the details of the following topics to talk about, is the layout of the page content and other factors, the following A Bin began Talk to all of you and look back at yourself and see if I have a point or feel the same way.


page layout for those who have no contact with friends online marketing and promotion optimization, especially the page design and layout for the integration of friends, division of a page may not be understood, if you want to be a mature web page structure, in addition to the first page design before the display layout information division of labor, also need to grasp is combined with some users thought in network marketing, if you do the appearance of the page for the public taste (of course, I am not very love A Bin personally tend to be too fancy, in Sina and QQ and later revised style, simple and without loss of the overall appearance of Chengdu). In addition to the page layout, there must be reasonable, such as some love to those sites is the most popular user attention to more information in the middle, this is also the user to open the page Face the most intuitive, but to take into account a little, this must be simple, content, fonts and background have been used in the picture with soothing colors, or to the user’s feeling is very messy, this QQ network feels good.

Different types of

like hao123 site navigation website and 265 is good, but I still love this station, feeling relatively better tone, as for the left part of web page is the user attention is not very common but also need to be updated every day to mention, such as international news, the right of information the more I see or tend to live information >.

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