An analysis triggered by micro blog how to make micro blog widely disseminated

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Twitter was born 4 years ago, the micro-blog service makes the message between people spread more quickly, far beyond the traditional newspapers, TV and BBS forum, SNS, blog, community portal websites such as past all kinds of Internet media. In the past 2 years, large micro-blog portals, led by Sina and Tencent, have also launched their own micro-blog services, which have gradually become familiar with and used by the domestic public. Many stars, businesses and individuals are using micro-blog platform to take a variety of means, such as the development of fans, interactive marketing activities and personal comments to publicize, shaping brand image. But how to use micro-blog to achieve a better promotion effect? This article will be on a Sina micro-blog I forwarded (forwarded 260 times) analysis, transmission mechanism and characteristics of micro-blog, and gives 3 to let micro-blog widely spread suggestions.

one, micro-blog samples,

@ kurapika (the number of fans was only more than 330) in a November 14, 2010 micro-blog 15:46 in Sina micro-blog said, the content is observed on mobile phone use crowd analysis report, the micro-blog mobile phone application after the release of get warm forwarding industry, has been forwarded 260 times, 108 times comments. The micro-blog sample screenshot is shown below:

Factor analysis of

two and micro-blog forwarding: path and time

1, micro-blog forwarding path analysis:

graphically displays the micro-blog user and forwarding path involved in micro-blog’s 260 forwarding, as shown in figure below:

can be seen through the figure, where the number of direct forwarding of the original micro-blog (only one forwarding) accounted for only 29%, and the remaining 71% of the forwards are intermediate forwarding (two forwarding). And there are 4 key people (Figure blue node) for the promotion of this micro-blog launched a great role in promoting.

2, micro-blog forwarding time analysis:

The micro-blog

: time for 15:46, as a starting point, after 100 hours planning arithmetic is divided into 10 parts, each part of 10 hours, and then the forwarding times every 10 hours the marked form below:

can see that 77% of the number of forwarding occurs in the first 0-10 hours, the time for micro-blog’s prime time forwarding. The main reason for this phenomenon is that as time goes on, the number of micro-blog forwarding increased, the original micro-blog content will be squeezed by the latest micro-blog to the back position, the probability of being noticed gradually smaller.

three and analysis conclusion

through the above analysis, if you want to spread your micro-blog widely, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1, making micro-blog content attractive: such as professional knowledge dissemination, and broke the internal conflict, interactive sweepstakes and other

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