8 common causes of abnormal changes in web traffic

25 Jul 2017 admin

site analysis, a work flow is the most common of abnormal changes were analyzed and explained. This website traffic is high, why? The day after the website traffic is reduced, and why? How did these changes? What is the impact on the site? These are waiting for us to answer..

usually in the face of this situation, we will carry out a quantitative analysis, find out that part of the flow through the breakdown of specific changes. Then qualitative analysis, find out the specific reasons for this part of the flow changes. The first step of the work is relatively simple, through the Google Analytics subdivision function layer analysis, you can to find the reasons. And the second step of the job is more difficult. Because the data itself can explain what happened, but cannot tell why, so we, the real reason we need to find their own.

frankly, not every time analysis can find out the real cause of the abnormal flow changes (Qualitative). And in many cases, even when we find the reason and find the reason is so simple, so obviously. And we have ignored it in this article. A summary of the reasons for the 7 most common site traffic anomaly changes. Before the complex segmentation and hypothesis first look at these 7 reasons, you may reduce a lot of unnecessary work. If these 7 reasons have been ruled out, and then start your project..


reason 1: holidays start and end

The first

resulting in abnormal flow change reason is very simple, the holiday is different in a year. Usually in the two period and the end of the beginning of each holiday, website traffic will have a significant decline and rising trend. This change is very easy to verify, date and duration of flow observation change the historical data can also be compared to the same period last year. And the flow change holiday is more regular, and at the same time all traffic sources on the website of the impact. But usually not on the quality of the flow has a great impact.

: create a large table, record all holidays next year in time, then the flow rate changes in different holidays were recorded. This did not help too much may be the first time created, but when you complete record of the year after discharge, will become very valuable.

reasons 2: industry off-season and peak season

in different sectors of the website by the holiday effect and the starting time is different. For example, during the Spring Festival change of most site traffic is from the national unified holiday this day, but for travel and ticket sales, the train ticket website, the time may be ahead of time. Because of the Spring Festival for this kind of website is the sales season. So a year in sales season will change the flow of Web site production >

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