Jingdong product operation notes of primary operation how to avoid pit

25 Jul 2017 admin

[Abstract] the new operation of the most taboo things do not think to change, nothing, but in the key node be negligent. Jingdong product operation Liu Weidong shared his a tragic lesson, operation is done, each time to be careful".


what are the biggest disadvantages of junior operators?

for some people, may not think, do not understand work, not learning, lazy.

, and for me, the biggest drawback is two words.


were removed from the workplace for so many years, I have slowly corrected this slightly wrong, but to know in the past, but the harm I often become colleagues mouth pit teammates’ motivation.

remember when I was doing copywriting planning at an interactive marketing company. Companies to undertake a number of customers WeChat public number of operations services, including five hundred strong enterprises. Every week, I’m responsible for writing dozens of WeChat public numbers. Time is pressing. So every time I finish writing a copy, I just skim through it, hand it to the assistant and the customer manager, and record it in the WeChat background to the customer for review. Although the time of typing, typos sometimes have, but fortunately for my colleagues also repeatedly check missing trap, get away. No man, after all, is not omnipotent. As a source, I have not fundamentally faced the problem, and in the end it has led to a serious minor mistake.

remember one time I wrote a copy and a copy of the company’s manga. Comics, you know, very few words. After I finished writing, I rarely checked it once, and there was no big problem. I handed it to the comic teacher for painting. After completion, take it to the assistant and customer manager for input and review to the customer. When the other party says everything is satisfactory, it is sent out.

I remember when the boss comes back is turned livid, no seat, directly put us a person called to the office in the meal. He just showed us the comic book with his cell phone and shouted, "


you don’t check things before? I go to the X and the total contract about things, the one into his office to see him with his subordinates training! This is not clear hit my face? Your eyes look at


finished, the boss’s cell phone dropped on the table.

well, when checking when everything is perfect, but now looking back, then a typo obviously we didn’t even see


me, cartoonist, assistant, customer manager, and partner of the other company.

the wrong character is like a bullet penetrated the five of us like the fragile little heart.

later heard that the client’s company had been detained for a full month’s bonus, and I am sorry for it.

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