nternet users shout governance nternet should be sparse not blocking

25 Jul 2017 admin

now yellow website and illegal information website rectification campaign is the country with vigour and vitality seemed to see, the Cultural Revolution thirty years ago, the CCTV has moral level, and to fight illegal websites on pornographic websites. The Ministry of industry and CNNIC had to fight, then angry, angry at the operator, finally it is thunder, around the room, have shut down the room, causing around the enterprise web site and the normal operation of the problems, I think is completely unnecessary.

we look at these issues:

1: the end of the Internet is great scourges or advanced


personally, I think the Internet is a requirement for the development of advanced productive forces. It is the orientation of advanced culture and represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people to a considerable extent. Why do you say that,


Internet makes the media more transparent, more popular, and to a greater extent satisfy the broad masses of the people for information access, make it more convenient.

Internet makes business costs lower, and it is more convenient for Chinese enterprises to connect with the world. If there is no Internet, China will lag behind in the world competition.

2: is there any harm to the Internet?

Chairman Mao said, open the window and flew a few flies can hardly be avoided, especially for the new development of the Internet industry, we see the development of the Internet has brought many problems, such as the new trend of foreign influence on Chinese people, because the Internet with media properties, so that more people have the right to speak, of course, also including some vulgar, yellow, illegal information, therefore, the scope of all the countries in the world have some control over the Internet, like the same tool, our country is a control tool of * * * *, we believe that this is definitely to social peace. There is low content on the Internet. It is no good for young people’s growth and social atmosphere. We have to admit these problems.

3: in the end how to manage


I have, but I know, like this fight, similar engage in Cultural Revolution style is certainly wrong, our administrative organs, should be seen as citizens of the liberal administration as there are different opinions. I think, must be strict management of illegal websites, must be severely punished for bad elements, but this does not mean that the other can the normal operation of the personal website, enterprise website across the board, it just shows that the relevant administrative organs rude, did not keep pace with the times, President Hu often said, to keep pace with the times, 2009 immediately in 2010, our country has entered a relatively civilized society, still take relatively crude methods to control, can only say sorry. The enterprise website, for Dongguan Telecom all closure 80 port customer complaints "

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