The price of a novice web site

24 Jul 2017 admin

also has access to the Internet for some time, but to make money through the Internet has been tried for the Internet way to make money because of their own past is utterly ignorant of, the purchase of the SP server, so I want to enter the Internet on treading water, in the online Baidu, know that as long as the flow will be able to make money, and then fly and see some ways the popularization of Internet, and decided to put up a website for a revision of their previous try, try this, let me know the power of Baidu, also known Baidu calendar harm, oh, crap, here I talk about the experience.


decided to do this thing, neat and quick, spent two days time, the website (now the name of natural beauty) all made the stately cosmetic, the third day, officially launched, in this period, but also anti according to others website with two level domain name made a temptation page (this was an accident in the harvest, and the following decomposition), things to do on the line, of course, is to promote the……

at that time in my mind, the promotion method is nothing more than the BBS mass, immediately spent 600 pieces, bought a genuine BBS mass software, fierce for a few days, every day to wait to see the flow. But every day to see only more than 200 of the traffic, and selling group of software company propaganda but not the same Oh heart dahushangdang, but also can do nothing, not every day, or mass, mass……

suddenly one day, found the traffic soaring, up to thousands of IP, all the antecedents is Baidu, but can not find the reason (because I didn’t know how to use the 51, really, let him rise in food) flow, mass thought is still a little effect, finally did not continue when. The mass, and then began to also put up the advertising code. The strange thing is, put up the ad code does not have any benefit, it began to carefully study the 51, it was found, that traffic is coming from that he used two domain names do temptation page (because the temptation is also linked to a page with 51 statistical code), heart dark scold. It is a blooming flowers do not open, then again the statistical code separately, and found the beauty color every day more than 500 IP, most of them is the temptation to page over, the reason is a XXXXX keyword the temptation page to rank first name.

to find the source of the flow is good, and now simply put advertising code directly into the two domain name, and began to generate revenue, there is a ray of success in mind. In a few days, suddenly unable to access the site, the Public Security Bureau supervisor call, during the Olympic Games page too temptation of temptation, request the rectification, really is almost fainted, hurried to the public security bureau to explain for a long time to put the site back.

returned home, thought hard to send Baidu flow can not be so wasteful, do not have two, the two level domain name directly to my master, the daily income declined slightly, but is still relatively stable, good times don’t last long, lasted only two days, Baidu master and two level domain name a knife cut, then.

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