Personal webmaster university three years of nternet entrepreneurship bitter experience

24 Jul 2017 admin



02 years a year, I play legend, resulting in academic performance plummeted, in the eyes of teachers should be heavy on the country, I finally went to a city key high school. Three years of high school I continued mired in the legend, three years in a muddle along without any aim, that year, I have entered the ranks of adults, near the entrance, from the pressures of family and school gradually let me breath.

the end of 05 years of college entrance examination, I know almost no what hope to a good university, summer vacation for nearly three months, I suddenly had this idea in the online business, 4 years spent prime time in the game, is the moment at the end of the college entrance examination I heartache. Received at Sichuan are not ranked on the name of the college notice, I had my own plan: September report to the school I have to do a website! With a trade related website, 4 year career game the way I visited many websites, accumulated a lot of Internet knowledge, they also learn some Trojans to steal game account! Three months after the college entrance examination I borrowed a lot of books on programming, and then go to the Internet after operation, in very difficult conditions for three months. In this way, I took my dream to report to the University of economics.

analyzed for a long time, basically established the type of website, and how to make money (legendary game people have a lot to make money, I’m doing business inside). I’m going to display the latest international information about economics and trade on the web as a basis for attracting related businesses and then making them websites. I charge for this process. In my broken University, ambitious man more than me, at that time the online shop show is very popular, many people in the school are shop! I didn’t supply no money no time, so did not choose to go that way, I think the hope of success is too small. I think for a long time in the dormitory, now all I have is that born in the Internet at the inspiration and learning website technology.

then at the University of military training after third months, I spent 60 yuan to buy a COM domain, then bought 180 space started to move! My website is very simple, but also got 2 months to get out, go to the computer professional help you sister brother N during this period, in writing "it is not easy, with their help" function better than to imagine a better, as companies need to service the station if I don’t have to write a duplicate content, but can be directly above the website template, actually are unified! I got a website after a very inspiring advertisement on the home page: "the Internet is already inevitable communication and presentation, playing online games of the family must engage in a team as the enterprise homepage, how can not!? if you don’t, too simple, Use our self help station system immediately to make you feel like you’ve never seen it before. "On the web site and two more."

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