Open shop founder Zhou Xiang experience sharing Mobile providers in the end how to play

24 Jul 2017 admin

traditional PC electricity supplier has become increasingly unable to meet user needs, the next flashpoint is mobile providers. But for mobile providers, you know how much? Small mobile phone screen how to carry all kinds of shopping needs? This article is to open shop founder Zhou Xiang share, see how he fun mobile providers.


1, the value of mobile providers

mobile value lies not only in the flow, but the flow into orders, we move through the offline sales channels all open up, connected together.

TV sales Taiwan disadvantage: users can’t control the rhythm of TV shopping, infomercials where is where, interested in a certain content, but there is no way to go back, then we get through the mobile phone camera to the screen of television advertising to sell what products, the mobile phone can be a detailed understanding of product information.

mobile providers disadvantages: the product experience is very weak, only through photos and text description of goods, but many goods have no way to experience through these. Sound, for example.

mobile provider advantages: anytime, anywhere, mobile action is very light, unlike PC, you need to open the power supply and some tedious steps to get the content on the PC.

offline store: mobile phones get interested users, navigate through to a recent store.

case: traditional brand retail case Polishop


Polishop case significance: through mobile devices to online and offline sales channels open up all together, making the original direct Taiwan pipe may lose customers in the TV Guide to online stores through mobile, using offline store advantage to complete the order, improve the overall conversion rate.

case: traditional business combination mobile case Dr.Wine

The name of

, by moving the end of shooting to obtain the vintage wine label, APP community user comments.

Analysis of

mobile business value: not because to do move to move, not to say that there are so many users you have to move, but why there are so many users in the mobile, is the use of a variety of applications what causes they don’t stop, where is the core reason analysis, then you can take advantage of these reasons the core of the well.

2, the significance of mobile electricity supplier

The extension

is not online, the local service industry line have a great opportunity in the mobile providers, the strong correlation of great, such as in Shanghai to provide services, is not affect users in Beijing, has a strong correlation with regional characteristics, mobile devices have the characteristics of natural. Tencent strategic investment review.

, 3 lines of pure electricity supplier trend "

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