Suggested that stationmaster should learn behavior economics

24 Jul 2017 admin

behavioral economics is not an empty gimmick, she is closely related to our daily life, and also plays an invaluable role in website operation. In the Internet, pay attention to the user experience today, often the details determine success or failure. Now commonly used in the case about the kiss Xingmin using the principle of behavioral economics in the process, hope useful to you.

one, if there is a lot of good news, you have to tell people separately.

: for example, the dedecms is about to release its 2007 edition and will be released directly if it is not preheated in advance. People may not notice her delicate template and will not notice her grasp of detail. In a few days, a preview version, a few days later, a leaked version of the kind of hope that everyone has mobilized. I don’t see how many people are leaving because of the delay, but instead focus on official developments every day.

two, if there’s a lot of bad news, you have to come along and tell someone else.

had a website and website, almost kiss Xingmin almost the size, the closest member when only more than 40 thousand, but she is good at communicate with members, have less capital, small bandwidth, access is slow and many small sites are faced with the problem, but she with a common DDoS attack, a series of the problem how to operate their own website, how hard problem how difficult are set out. In addition to winning everyone’s praise and more attention, the success of the purchase of the cost of the server. In 02 years to collect fees and buy a server, for many webmaster is still a dream, but she stand out. After several years of development (kiss Xingmin is 05 years server only) two members of the site when the maximum number is about 300000.

three, if you have a big good news and a little bad news, you have to tell someone else.

but this little bad news may not be so important, for example, when the program released is often said that we are about to release the long-awaited XX program, although after a lot of tests internally, but small bug is inevitable, I hope you valuable advice… Then… We will gladly accept, without more professional testing everyone to download the test hard. For example, kiss Xingmin website often due to high volume of traffic and not the normal access, then buy a server, this should be a great good news, but also not to buy two, telecom access point problem is solved in a few days, there are a lot of people don’t want to kiss Xingmin mind click. If a perfect program is announced today, an emergency security update will be released in just a few days, and it may be compromised in the image.

four, if you have a big bad news and a little piece of good news, you have to tell people separately.

, for example, is most common when the web site has problems. The bad news is, "today, our website encounters the biggest attack ever, causing the server not to."

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