The price of a novice web site

also has access to the Internet for some time, but to make money through the Internet has been tried for the Internet way to make money because of their own past is utterly ignorant of, the purchase of the SP server, so I want to enter the Internet on treading water, in the online Baidu, know that as long as the flow will be able to make money, and then fly and see some ways the popularization of Internet, and decided to put up a website for a revision of their previous try, try this, let me know the power of Baidu, also known Baidu calendar harm, oh, crap, here I talk about the experience. read more

Personal webmaster university three years of nternet entrepreneurship bitter experience

02 years a year, I play legend, resulting in academic performance plummeted, in the eyes of teachers should be heavy on the country, I finally went to a city key high school. Three years of high school I continued mired in the legend, three years in a muddle along without any aim, that year, I have entered the ranks of adults, near the entrance, from the pressures of family and school gradually let me breath.

the end of 05 years of college entrance examination, I know almost no what hope to a good university, summer vacation for nearly three months, I suddenly had this idea in the online business, 4 years spent prime time in the game, is the moment at the end of the college entrance examination I heartache. Received at Sichuan are not ranked on the name of the college notice, I had my own plan: September report to the school I have to do a website! With a trade related website, 4 year career game the way I visited many websites, accumulated a lot of Internet knowledge, they also learn some Trojans to steal game account! Three months after the college entrance examination I borrowed a lot of books on programming, and then go to the Internet after operation, in very difficult conditions for three months. In this way, I took my dream to report to the University of economics. read more

Open shop founder Zhou Xiang experience sharing Mobile providers in the end how to play

traditional PC electricity supplier has become increasingly unable to meet user needs, the next flashpoint is mobile providers. But for mobile providers, you know how much? Small mobile phone screen how to carry all kinds of shopping needs? This article is to open shop founder Zhou Xiang share, see how he fun mobile providers.

1, the value of mobile providers

mobile value lies not only in the flow, but the flow into orders, we move through the offline sales channels all open up, connected together. read more

Online game player and head of the cries so in the past life will not be long

I am not an occupation game player! But I can say that I understand the game more than any occupation game player, game player more than the occupation occupation game player than crazy! Live more tired! Who am I? I am a game station! In the game station, I was playing with my own life! In their lives take a joke! Here is my daily life with a large PK occupation game player


I do is World of Warcraft station, you can enter my site: inside the section to see, in order to make it bigger and stronger, to carry forward the station, I had brains. I live in all into the game station, I write down the daily life now, and with you to lash: don’t gamble your life away! The body is the capital of revolution read more

Suggested that stationmaster should learn behavior economics

behavioral economics is not an empty gimmick, she is closely related to our daily life, and also plays an invaluable role in website operation. In the Internet, pay attention to the user experience today, often the details determine success or failure. Now commonly used in the case about the kiss Xingmin using the principle of behavioral economics in the process, hope useful to you.

one, if there is a lot of good news, you have to tell people separately.

: for example, the dedecms is about to release its 2007 edition and will be released directly if it is not preheated in advance. People may not notice her delicate template and will not notice her grasp of detail. In a few days, a preview version, a few days later, a leaked version of the kind of hope that everyone has mobilized. I don’t see how many people are leaving because of the delay, but instead focus on official developments every day. read more