Braithwaite: 70 ‘training and summoned before Eibar

first_imgQuique Setién is in a hurry to make his first signing profitable. Only in this way can it be understood that the Cantabrian coach decided to summon the former Leganés player when he only exercised one day with his new teammates and barely seventy minutes. Nevertheless, Setién believes that the Danish, at 28, has enough experience and knowledge of LaLiga to be able to perform from minute one. It remains to be seen if he will start as a starter against Eibar -in principle at the site of Ansu Fati- or he does it starting as an alternate and entering the second part. What seems clear is that Setién is not willing to miss out on any party he has available to use Braithwaite. In total, it’s 14 LaLiga and the first of that short list will play this Saturday.Apart from the great surprise of the inclusion of Braithwaite – although the presence on Tuesday of a Champions match may be another reason for the inclusion of the Danish, in order to give rest to one of the strikers-, the other proper name is the young left side of the subsidiary, Sergio Akieme, who first enters a list of the first team and it will be the alternative to Junior Firpo, which from now on will start after Jordi Alba’s injury to Getafe last weekend. Setién, who has three injured in his squad – Luis Suarez, Ousmane Dembélé and the aforementioned Jordi Alba – only has 16 players from the first team, and that adding to the new Braithwaite incorporation, so it has had to resort, apart from Akieme, to Ansu Fati to complete the call.He also has the handicap of having two players on the edge of the suspension – the central Clement Lenglet and Samuel Umtiti-, so if they see a card against Eibar they would miss the Classic. So, it remains to be seen if the Cantabrian coach reserves an important player, thinking about the Naples Champions League game on Tuesday, or if he decides to put the most competitive team at his disposal.The 18 summoned for the match against Eibar are: Ter Stegen, Net, Semedo, Sergi Roberto, Pique, Lenglet, Umtiti, Junior, Sergio Busquets, Arthur, Rakitic, Arturo vidal, From Jong, Griezmann, Messi, Braithwaite, Fati Y Akieme.last_img read more

Busquets and Rakitic question the preparation of the template

first_imgThe Croatian follow seeing possible raise titles despite the bad feelings: “Maybe other years seemed quite betterr and in the end it could not be. Let’s see if we can now turn all this around. If we chain three good games we will be full. “ Rakitic also referred to mixed zone to injuries and sanctions that are ballasting Barça: “We have one short template, but this was already known by those responsible. The solution is what it is. Those of us who are going to join forces because we have a very important match in the round“.“We knew it was going to be very difficult, it’s hard to play against a team that closes so much. Made a mistake and they scored, “he said.” With very little be us punish very strong. It is difficult to attack a team that is locked with eleven players. We must be very confident and prepare well for the return. I am convinced that we will have a great game in Barcelona. “ Sergio Busquets, second captain of Barcelona, ​​threw a poisoned dart to the directive after the draw of his team in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions. He did it in statements to Movistar Champions League after receiving the award to best player of the match and to know that he will not be able to dispute the return for sanction: “We are not a very wide staff, the planning has been thus unfortunately”.Further, added: “We like to play more insidewe have players more important inside … We knew we were running risk facing the back with me and with Semedo, we have also had the Vidal expulsion. In the first part, they were fresh and have raised a line of four and another of six. We have tried, it could not be and in an action of bad luck they have put us 1-0 in a slip of Junior, they did not deserve it “.last_img read more

Filomeno also goes through the Espanyol crusher 2019-20

first_imgNeither the coronavirus crisis has given a truce to the cargo crushing machine that Espanyol has become thanks to Chen Yansheng. In fact, the health alert, having suspended LaLiga at least temporarily, has done is to accelerate a decision scheduled for the end of the season.Agustín Filomeno has ceased this Friday to be the commercial and marketing director of Espanyol, as advanced by Voz Perica and has been able to confirm AS, just 17 months after taking office, in October 2018, and after having signed the last subscription renewal campaign (in which the fall of members from the previous summer was repaired to some extent) and having tried to promote the Espanyol brand with, among other measures, the opening of a store on the Rambla in Barcelona. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 13, 2020 The figure of Filomeno was closely linked to that of Roger Guasch, who was fired as corporate general manager last December, and who signed him personally for the club after they carried out those same tasks together since 2014 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. José María Durán, the general director resulting from the departure of Guasch, has been the executor of this latest cessation of duties.At the end of 2019 he was also relegated from his functions as sports general director Óscar Perarnau, reinstated in the technical secretariat and giving all the power of the area to the director of professional football, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete.Also, in this same season Chen Yansheng, president and owner of Espanyol, has disregarded two coaches, David Gallego and Pablo Machín. And all this, waiting whatever (whether it is played or not) of the outcome of LaLiga.last_img read more

Asensio is back

first_imgAware that his recovery could not stop, He left Valdebebas that March 12 loaded with everything necessary to turn the living room and garden of his house into a makeshift gym. There, together with his brother Igor, he works in long daily sessions during quarantine. Her knee is strong, ready for the next step.SensationsIn the last month the recovery became more enjoyable because much of the work was done on the grass and with the ball in between. Gone were the long sessions of up to eight hours in which there was only physical therapy, gym and pool. Instead, small typical recovery problems also appeared. Beyond the knee, the rest of the muscles in the injured leg also start from scratch after such an operation. That caused minor annoyances and that is why Marco has been so cautious. It will also be now, when the sensations in his first training sessions will be key to set a date to return to a squad. One of his goals for the year, the European Championship, has been postponed to 2021 and now he only thinks of being useful for Zidane in the final stretch of the season.The other key section is the mental one. In that, those who know him well assure that he is a new person. He has learned to value everyday things much more and it has also helped him to see who was at his side. In these months, in addition, he has taken care of the diet in detail (he has even lost weight). He hopes to return even better physically and with a version strengthened psychologically. Asensio is back. 251 days ago, life put Marco Asensio to the test. More than 35 weeks. Eight long months of work in the shade, traveling through a tunnel where the light begins to appear. His left knee, the one where he suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus on July 23, 2019, now it is OK. There have been many hard moments in which two hopes always appeared: the moment to return with the rest of his teammates in the Valdebebas training sessions and the moment to set foot on the grass at the Santiago Bernabéu.Asensio, finally, is ready to face the first of them. The Balearic found the confidence necessary to return to the sessions with the rest of his companions when the confinement by the coronavirus ended.Since Manuel Leyes operated on him at the Cemtro Clinic in Madrid on August 7, doctor and patient agreed on a maxim: set weekly goals. Among them, the Balearic agenda was very close to the time to try the group when the team had to go home due to the positive for Thompkins coronavirus, Madrid basketball player. That happened last Thursday, March 12, just a few days after entering the week of March 16 to 22, which Marco saw as key to go one step further.last_img read more

Laporta, presidential: “The situation is very precarious”

first_imgJoan Laporta gave an interview in Gol, in which he reviewed all the news of FC Barcelona and hinted that every day it is clearer about showing up at June elections 2021. The former president from Barcelona also spoke of Xavi, to whom he has entrusted the future of the Camp Nou bench once he considers himself ready and was very critical of the club’s economic moment. For Laporta, Barça has become “the club of three trillion” and has defined the situation as “very precarious”. “Xavi must say when he is ready” “I’m getting more excited every time” Laporta Elections: “It is a project that I am excited about, that I keep in mind. I am bringing together people and professionals I trust because you have to think carefully about how to reverse the financial situation of the club. I would like to make a proposal to do so. The club has a very Precarious at the moment, it has become the club of the three trillion: a trillion income, a trillion expenses and a trillion debts. Unfortunately, as it looks, it may not reach the trillion income. a credible, feasible proposal. It is worrisome and a sports project must be carried out that will enlighten and improve what is happening now and improve the institutional image of Barça. I am excited, but I will decide at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. “Are you clear if it will be presented?: “Every time I am more excited, each time I gather people who motivate me more. I am quite advanced.”Election date: “It must be in June 2021. I do not foresee an advance. Those who are now need to hold on because the situation is very complicated and if they left it now, they would see the whole situation that has caused this indebtedness and this precarious situation.” Xavi: “He has very good manners, surely he is doing very well and gaining experience. He has to be the one who decides, that he looks at when he is ready to train. He will be a great soccer coach. As a player already he lived for this, it is what he likes the most. He will surely do it well. “Is Xavi ready yet?: “I must not say it, it must be him, who knows much more about football than me and is very smart. When they made the proposal he said no and it seemed very prudent. I heard him say a few words and thought he knew what he was saying well , who was aware that he needed time. “A president close to the players: “I had some soccer players who were, apart from their talent, great people and architects of the successes we had. Perhaps by age I could be their older brother. That was how I gained their confidence. I was with them, they knew that I was going to be there for if they needed my advice, my help. I felt privileged, they admitted me into the sanctuary (that’s what they call the dressing room). “Difficulties of being president: “There are times when you must make decisions that are of some importance and fortunately there is a Board of Directors where the president tries to guide decisions. Sometimes you have to make them in your closest environment. You always have a person with whom to comment on a decision”. Reference chairs: “I had my own style, which was forged based on what I have seen. From each president I met I valued their qualities and tried to learn from them: glamor, bravery … I had a good relationship with everyone. I was in UEFA, in FIFA, had positions there and I think I liked it. This has been shown to me later. “Florentino Pérez: “We had our styles, but we always maintained institutional harmony and even a good personal relationship. He always behaved like a gentleman from different positions and as competitors. Differences were always overcome with civility and harmony. I remember that I went to a person’s funeral relevant in the Real Madrid universe, Pedro de Felipe, and I wanted to keep a discreet position. Florentino’s personal assistant came to me and said he wanted me to sit next to him. He even insisted. He said: ‘I want the enemy close.’ “More presidents of Madrid: “Calderón was and is a brave man. I very much doubt that there is a braver president than Calderón. He had a good relationship with both of them.”Does a president have to know about soccer?: “You have to know, but also know how to delegate to those who know more. There you have to do an exercise in humility. I have played and I have been competitive. The rivalry against Madrid was favorable for us in my time in the presidency. There was a lot of competition. I started to watch games with Rijkaard, with Cruyff, with Pep and I realized that I knew a tenth of what they knew. The ball was still left-wing and they criticized the right-back. “ Laporta, on the elections Laporta “The financial situation of the club is very precarious” Teams you like: “The City in the Premier. That Pep continues to succeed … I am very happy for him. I also really like Real Sociedad, I am happy for Aperribay, who is a magnificent president. He has a very well-compensated team, Oyarzabal, Odegaard, I love Merino and Zubeldia. They are doing an extraordinary campaign. And then I look at players: Muniain, Williams, Yeray, Bartra, Joaquín, Canales, Sevilla, Getafe, Jorge Molina … Also Villarreal, Cazorla, Valencia, Parejo , Antonio Puertas, Joao Félix, Lucas Pérez, I follow Celta for Óscar. I have always liked soccer, I enjoy it. “Costumes: “They have their rules, their dynamics. You have to delegate to those who know more about soccer than you, you are there so they know that if they need help, you will provide it.”Relationship with heavy weights: “It is important. They have to believe you and generate complicity. Everything you say to them you have to be able to fulfill because the player is very intuitive, a very smart person who lives in a dynamic of permanent competition, of an accelerated rhythm. It is important that they see you setting the tone, that you know how to make a joke at one moment and be serious about another. That they know you and that you follow what you say. “Ronaldinho: “We met him shortly before at the presentation of a documentary about his career. Unfortunately, afterwards the Paraguay thing happened. I have been in contact with relatives of Ronaldinho and Roberto and they were telling me how the issue was going. I sent them a message from love and support. I do not know how all this was managed. It was a pity. The Catalans do not like to see him suffer. “How do you quarantine: “We are seeing Barça a lot. The Clubs and the derbies are playing on the club’s television. We have seen the finals, national team matches … My children like to see what football was like before. See Pelé, Brazil ’70, Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ against England, Diego’s goal like Leo Messi to Getafe … We laughed seeing Messi’s goals, it took us a day. He is the best in football history ” .last_img read more

LaLiga sells Spanish goal

first_imgAngel. The veteran who does not failAt 32, Ángel is facing a second youth. His 14 goals in all competitions made it possible for Barça to play. The striker is an insurance for Bordalás and this has been demonstrated in major matches. He has one year left on his contract, but what is clear is that he looks very comfortable with Bordalás. Although ‘girlfriends’ are not lacking.At the moment, Ángel has only played in Spain. His 21 goals with Zaragoza in 2016 was key in his career. The killer seems to be unstoppable …Design: Eduardo Cornago ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Design: Eduardo Cornago Luke. The idol that does not expireLucas Pérez leads Alavés with Joselu. A fashion duo in Spanish football that makes it possible for the team to meet again. The Galician adds and continues, despite having other challenges in foreign leagues. His 11 goals put him on a select list to star in a good economic move for Alavés.Design: Eduardo Cornago ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Design: Eduardo Cornago Gerard Moreno. An international with a noseHis appearance with Spain (three goals in two games) was an encouragement for him to go ahead in LaLiga with 11 goals. Moreno is key for Villarreal and is running as one of the transfer market bargains. At 28 years old, he is at his best and has shown himself capable of any challenge. Messi and Benzema are the only players who beat him in so many, while he is tied with Suarez.Design: Eduardo Cornago ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Design: Eduardo Cornago The coronavirus crisis is going to bring about a change in the transfer market. LaLiga is showing a showcase with a Spanish goal: among the top 15 scorers in the competition, we find 8 Spaniards. Joselu, Ángel, Roger, Lucas, Gerard, Raúl García, Loren … All of them have already positioned themselves as a ‘bargain’ for other teams.Joselu. A globetrotter with a goalJoselu’s season in Alavés is being framed. The forward has already scored 9 goals and forms a lethal duo with Lucas Pérez. The former Madrid player is claiming himself in important games (Seville, Villarreal, Getafe …). It is no secret that his high level puts him in the showcase and that it could be key for the Alaves to obtain a significant sum of money at a time as delicate as today.Joselu’s experience in England, Spain and Germany set him up as a player who always goes for more. The proof is that in his day he was already the top scorer for Madrid Castilla and that little by little he was improving himself. There is no doubt that he is going through his best moment and, who knows, if he could enter Luis Enrique’s list for the 2021 Euro Cup.Design: Eduardo Cornago ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Design: Eduardo Cornago Roger, a revelation of FirstAt 29, Roger is the star of Levante. Its 11 targets confirm this. The killer is going through his best individual moment and is key in his team. His contract ends in 2023 and suitors are not lacking. At the moment, he is focused on Levante to lead the team in what can be a great campaign.Design: Eduardo Cornago ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Design: Eduardo Cornagolast_img read more

Roland Garros reimburses the tickets, but does not throw in the towel

first_imgIn accordance with the Parisian Grand Slam, “The present scenario creates too many uncertainties for all occasions that convey folks collectively round the world,” which is why they’re selecting to make a refund proper now. The newspaper “L’Équipe” studies on its web site that the match has been directed by e mail to those that have already purchased the tickets to tell them of the measure. Roland Garros will return the worth of tickets for this 12 months’s version -initially scheduled from Might 24 to June 7- to these spectators who’ve already purchased themthough he nonetheless trusts to have the ability to maintain the match at the finish of September, the group reported this Thursday.“Whereas ready to stipulate the group of the match, now we have determined to refund all tickets”Roland Garros stated in a reply tweet to a person questioning why not wait till September to return tickets.last_img read more

Kingston Criterium on April 17

first_imgKINGSTON:The 2016 staging of the Jamaica Cycling Federation’s (JCF) Kingston Criterium will take over the streets of downtown Kingston on Sunday, April 17 as the picturesque Kingston waterfront will provide the backdrop for an intense day of cycling.Action is scheduled to run from 1 p.m.-5 p.m., with registration set to begin at 11 a.m. The event is free to the public.Some of Jamaica’s finest riders, including 2014 Commonwealth Games representative Marloe Rodman and former national Oneil Samuels are among the participants.”We are expecting a very exciting event,” said Dr Wayne Palmer, head of the JCF Race Committee and overseer for the 2016 Kingston Criterium. “I think this has the potential to be one the most entertaining events undertaken by the federation in recent years. The Criterium event is usually one which is filled with thrills and daring racing manoeuvres, and that leads to a very enjoyable event from a viewing perspective.”The Kingston Criterium is a closed-circuit event, which will see cyclists racing several laps to complete a race. The events will be contested based on categories, including women’s and men’s elite, masters and juniors. In addition to the respective categories, there will also be a kids’ sprint.The circuit comprises parts of Ocean Boulevard, Orange Street and Port Royal Street. There is also expected to be an all comers ‘Rambo Race’, which will be a cash prize race for anyone brave enough to enter.last_img read more

All set for JII 2016

first_img PEFORMANCES EXPECTED Meet director and athlete liaison Donald Quarrie, in giving an overview at the JII launch at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston yesterday, said he is expecting high-level performances at this year’s meet. “We are not going anywhere. We will continue to be a power house meet. We have a few (athletes) who have dropped out, but we are looking forward to some great performances,” Quarrie said. Chairman of the organising committee and Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) president Dr Warren Blake said the one-day event has grown to world championship status. “The event started in 2004 and has grown to be one of the better rated one-day events in the world,” Blake announced. “We have more than half the athletes taking part coming from overseas. This year, we look to the Olympics, so we expect some good performances from the athletes,” he added. Minister of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports, Olivia Grange said the event is a well-established brand locally. “With the Rio Olympic Games this year, the event is of great interest. We must ensure that our guests leave our shores pleased,” Grange said, “I’m excited by the galaxy of stars who will be performing on Saturday. The Government fully supports this world-class meet,” she added. Jamaica’s Olympic 100-metre champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, her training partner and World Championships 200m silver medallist Elaine Thompson, and outstanding American Tyson Gay are three of the global stars who will be on show at tomorrow’s 13th staging of the Jamaica International Invitational meet (JII) at the National Stadium. Gates are scheduled to open at 3:30 p.m., with the first event, the men’s javelin, set to start at 4:15. Also down to compete tomorrow are Shaunae Miller, who set a Bahamian 200m record of 22.14 seconds in winning the event last year ahead of Fraser-Pryce; Jamaica’s World Championships 4x400m gold medallists Stephenie Ann McPherson, Novlene Williams-Mills, Shericka Jackson, and Christine Day; and American 400m specialist Francena McCorory. Former world 100m record holder Asafa Powell and Nesta Carter are two of the top men for the sprints. However, World bronze medallist AndrÈ De Grasse of Canada, American hurdler Jasmin Stowers, and Jamaica-born 400m runner Sanya Richards-Ross have pulled out of the IAAF World Challenge meet. Richards-Ross opted out because she is not physically ready, while De Grasse and Stowers are injured.center_img POWERFULlast_img read more

Money dispute may have blown Olympic hopes

first_imgHead coach of Jamaica’s Under-23 men’s football team, Miguel Coley, noted that off-the-field issues may have disrupted the team and its focus, as they ultimately lost the opportunity to advance in the Olympic qualification at the weekend.The team left the island last week full of confidence in making it to the final round of the CONCACAF Olympic qualifiers. However, needing to win their semi-final against Cuba to guarantee themselves one of the two spots in the CONCACAF final round, the team lost 2-1.They rallied to win the third-place match against St Vincent and the Grenadines 3-2, but by then it was too little, too late.One source revealed that the players were involved in a money dispute, which may have affected their performance. The source revealed that the players’ per diem was reduced from their first-round travels to St Lucia in June, causing the dispute a day before the Cuba game.represent with prideColey said it affected their mindset.”We are always going to have situations, but there are situations you don’t want before the day of a game, as it is always difficult to get back the mindset to go out and represent your country,” Coley admitted.”We have to channel these players in the right way and let them know their country is more than anything and the pride and passion to represent your country need to be looked at at all levels, so when players come in, they know how to wear the national colours with pride,” he commented.”This tournament wasn’t about money; it was an opportunity for them (players) to earn more money if they had gone to CONCACAF (final round) or the Olympics. So it is not an immediate gratification, it’s what is there for the future, and this is unacceptable and we have to move on from here,” he stated.Coley said he hopes a system will be put in place to prevent a recurrence.”I had to get into their heads and let them see the importance of representing their country and what they can achieve in the future,” he pointed out. “But whatever issue there is, it is good to put it on the table very early.”It was unacceptable from young aspiring players, and we don’t want this trend to continue,” said Coley.- L.S.last_img read more