Sep 10 2017

Simai Ao Shanghai dragon optimization to enhance the visibility of security products

Simai Ao said: you want to make your company’s products with higher visibility, the Shanghai dragon optimization to have more in-depth research, more investment, and to make good use of it, let it give our enterprises greater help.

companies want to get a better living space, in fact it is not easy, because we all know, now this society, in the business market competition is very fierce, so now an enterprise wants to gain greater success, but also is not easy, so I want to let us security companies achieve greater success than their peers must do more good, but the most important is to improve our enterprise product visibility, and optimization of Shanghai dragon in this regard is able to give us a great help, so we have to use optimization for Shanghai Longfeng better. read more

Sep 10 2017

The basic principle and process of search engine of Shanghai White Dragon

The new page

3. spiders crawl, but now the page has been deleted.

2. spider have been, but there are changes to the page content page.

1. has never been caught spiders.

What is the most important The

search engine? Some people would say that is the accuracy of the search results, some people will say that the richness of query results, but these are not the most deadly local search engine. For the search engines, the most deadly is the query time. Just imagine, if you query a keyword in Shanghai love interface, it takes 5 minutes to put your query results back to you, it must be you soon abandoned love Shanghai. read more

Sep 10 2017

Shanghai is the richest of the dragon network marketing skills

is one of the most simple words, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon

told us that Shanghai dragon rich skills 1: ubiquitous opportunities and simple wealth building system

, that is, the search engine optimization ranking! The real brand show means and way to get traffic! Can be said to have the local search can be used in Shanghai dragon. So, now the network which does not need to search? What places do not search will provide you the best information



said its "

to show ads in any place in the target user, with their own advertising to attract users to the target site, network marketing is the most basic drainage. read more

Sep 10 2017

Secret some black hat Shanghai dragon core technology optimization

many people may find the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology particularly mysterious, because feel this technique can deceive love Shanghai search engine, to get good rankings in the shortest time site. And in fact now the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology has begun in the twilight, love Shanghai algorithm continuously under the background of the reform, many of the traditional black hat optimization techniques, such as keyword stuffing, pseudo original and black chain is difficult to be used, but there are still some innovation in the Shanghai dragon black hat optimization method, if reasonable use, also can play a good effect. read more

Sep 10 2017

Shanghai dragon how the text in order to achieve the best effect of publicity

of user characteristics is the first step in the high quality of soft Wen, only according to the contents of the article read the user need to organize, and adopt appropriate description in order to achieve the best effect of soft. The more time you spend in this stage, Shanghai dragon soft more can achieve a multiplier effect.

In addition to

a simple example of stationmaster net reading object is mostly male, high following these words and all correlation: enterprising spirit, helpfulness, energetic, and young Hor Mondo, catch the tide, good night, introverted, hard. So what people or things can stimulate? Good money scene, injustice, beauty, the opinions of others, save worry, save money! So, imagine, if there is a beauty of Shanghai dragon wrote an article (picture can be put to feel a little sorry, don’t be exposed to the imagination she just said), space: contact a company website optimization, but the superior is an old woman, she could not do, I hope you will support and give her website some help, I think this will lead to the strong support of the majority of owners love. read more

Sep 09 2017

Xiao Han how to carry out the construction of the chain enterprise website

a friend asked Xiao Han "enterprise website Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to build the chain" in the past few days, this problem may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers now asked more, the construction of the chain is a very important part of our work in the Shanghai dragon, but we see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng friends have been complaining the chain is not good, especially the enterprise website, resources are very few. I have always stressed that the correlation of the chain and a wide range of important, so it is difficult to do, so here I will make a summary of their experience, to be a reference. read more

Sep 09 2017

Those keywords years neglected ranking factors

Effect of

factor is ignored by most people. Remember when I found this factor, or Google to an email to remind me that I found out, I was the lottery software website content is updated daily, but Google search to my site information, are not included in my article. In the Internet search a lot of information, analysis of the results of some data obtained is website domain name server problems, suggest to add a domain name server, a server to see the situation.

has been ignored is normal, I paid little attention to the host when I do the lottery software website optimization, website of a period of time before my ranking dropped sharply, in the analysis of many reasons can not result in a forum to see that the host has time will affect the ranking and I started to analyze the virtual host website. read more

Sep 09 2017

Love Shanghai 6 28 after the event of self reflection

believe that many webmaster escape love Shanghai 6.28 event, I also love Shanghai in the storm were defeated, and defeated, the author is most incisive almost all sites have fallen, whether it is formal, or edge, have no way to escape the catastrophe, the most sad is afterwards in any case to analyze the reasons and have no way to know exactly which site factors will lead to large-scale K love Shanghai station, until the last love Shanghai official release event declaration was a little aware of the problem. read more

Sep 08 2017

Shanghai dragon master is forced out of the RMB drops

new orders do not convince customers what the case, so the general customer is not looking for you to do. We have only a little list, although this list is not make much money. But the most important to accumulate some experience and cases, this step. When you take the shot after the case can take some older list slightly, however, the need for a period of time, not too radical.


Hello, I am a rock. Online to see so much how to become Shanghai dragon master like the article, perhaps you will see more and more confused, what should I do to improve themselves faster. Have some experience in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are faced with a problem: how to improve yourself? Just learn to work in that point is not enough, but in the face of many realistic questions, let you be at a loss what to do. In fact, Shanghai dragon master are being forced out of the yuan, stone do now is the chain robot. What is the chain robot is outside the chain?. Have a good title: the chain Commissioner, sometimes think that income can really cut off all. To find a girlfriend, marriage is nonsense. You blame me too realistic. Since the stones are complacent, can be said to fall. The work is not busy not tired, and many 80, 90 as the "moonlight clan", but the time is getting. The majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are 80, 90. Good nonsense not pulled into the point. read more

Sep 08 2017

The bitter experience with caution so webmaster about keyword planning

therefore, I with a painful experience to tell you, the choice of keywords should pay attention to home, is a long-term development, and competition according to the degree of warm, and for some long tail words, you can use the inside pages to do when the overall ranking, the weight of the website, page ranking is also very good do.

website keywords choice to focus on long-term, and this is actually a bit repetitive, but in fact I feel to say is not clear, in my own website as an example, the site did not pay attention to long-term development, but wasted a better display in the first page keywords opportunity and now I love the word home Shanghai index is very low, the competition degree is very low, not only a waste of our customers, and subsequent optimization is also very good, because everyone knows the weight of the home page is the best, and the inside pages of relatively low weight optimization is difficult. But if you want to optimize good words on the home page, have to face to the title, description, but we all know now it will cause a big shock, is really a dilemma. read more

Sep 08 2017

The analysis of bidding target landing page in white visitor promotion

The problem of the function of

it can be said that from the search engine to target the consumer online shopping is not strong, the majority belong to the "white users". Bid for promotion, the visitor’s direct investment rate of return is very low. But for the purchase demand, but the lack of desire to buy users, we still can not give up, after all, the first actual consumption of this kind of keyword bid is very low, then white users if done properly, it is easy to become the site of loyal consumer groups. Independent sites relative to Taobao this kind of cosmetics, the following characteristics are common for white users: read more

Sep 08 2017

Reduce the bounce rate rise a new level of website website

through the above analysis, webmaster friends will understand the importance of website bounce rate for users and search engines, then what should we do, in the end.

bounce rate affect the ranking of

search engine will put website jump out rate as one of the website of quality standard, so the bounce rate will affect the ranking. But not all sites have installed statistical tools of search engine, so many search engines can not get the exact data, and not directly with the formula to calculate the weight. However, the search engine will be judged according to the two search. So what is the two search? For example, if a user searches for a keyword and open a website in return, but did not find the results you want to "shut down, and then continue to click on another site, if the user clicks in the second stations want to find search results. So for the first website, is equivalent to a two search. In this process, the search engine can be calculated by "two search", this process is similar to the bounce rate of statistical tools, imagine a web page have a good ranking, but "two search" high frequency "is that the user does not love or not of high quality and it cannot meet the needs of users. Then the search engine will in the re adjustment of the web page ranking network go down. read more

Sep 08 2017

Several ways to improve the website search engine ranking

2 integration.

once you select the right keywords to your site, you should now have these keywords to your site integration, look at the search engine place very special attention.

Select the appropriate The

A. has nothing to do with the site keywords, keyword stuffing, it is unfriendly to search engines.

choose your keywords:


In order to improve the Keywords

many people now use various techniques to improve search engine rankings. This is because more than 80% of the people want to know what to go to the search engine, in order to get what they want. Therefore, a good search engine rankings for your network marketing business success is very important. Here are some tips and techniques, but also rely on your efforts to improve your site’s search engine ranking. read more

Sep 07 2017

After the jump SOSO ask is still worthy of our investment

From here you can see that

I have a long time not to do SOSO ask, these are done at the end of 2011, today will give the site into the IP flow. Personally feel that these data are illustrative, rather than those of Shanghai dragon jump theory does not transfer the weight to give up SOSO.

, SOSO ask the link on the jump is indeed a transformation, the news is already in the A5 have been issued after the. I want to ask if the chain SOSO has no effect, not there will be so many people to do their SOSO quiz, here the author made some personal SOSO quiz, until now still attracted to the site background data for everyone to see the screenshots of IP: read more

Sep 07 2017

Analysis of 360 and love Shanghai war free certification official website

you can say about Shanghai’s actions is not kind, but it brings great benefits is that you can not ignore, it will become an important way to make money to love Shanghai. At present, there are three ways to search in the search engine, it is to ask questions search, product search and navigation search. You could not imagine, the maximum amount of retrieval is actually search navigation. Remember some time ago love Shanghai launched a new station link function, but not long before announced the cancellation, because of this and his brand promotion in conflict. You know, the mainstream search engines now support the station link function, for example, Google and Sogou 360. Because Shanghai does not support the love we will as can be imagined. read more

Sep 07 2017

Discussion on creative optimization strategies for promotion


we can see that these 4 factors in correlation and creative writing level is directly on creativity, correlation and creative writing level will directly affect the click rate, and the account history performance is by the click rate, correlation, creative writing level 3 factors common decision, that is to say we want to get good the quality must be written, creative, referred to as the quality can be seen as the 4 factors, the pursuit of quality often let us write wrong, creativity is fundamental. read more

Sep 07 2017

Grilled a steak that may be causing the site to drop right wonderful people

Shanghai Longfeng personnel responsible for what? This is generally not conclusive, the specific functions of different Shanghai Longfeng personnel will be not the same.

(1) is the first, Shanghai dragon director, Shanghai dragon Engineer role. This role is responsible for coordinating the work of the general population, and the Shanghai dragon program editing, website structure etc.. It can be said that the website drop right, bear the brunt of the responsibility is this kind of person. Whether the chain, or by editing, technical and other reasons, if the site is down right, then prove that this kind of people suspected of dereliction of duty. read more

Sep 07 2017

Four points to help you get rid of the turtle notoriety

, three.

if it directly affects the speed of the site factors, the greatest impact is the site server hardware configuration, the quality of course also includes a host of bandwidth and line. In addition to the server hardware configuration, we also consider the actual situation of our target visitors to challenge, for example, for example, the goal of our web site visitors mostly from the south, and the use of China Telecom in the South and is the most, I will choose the server when you can choose a good telecommunications server line. Of course there are a double server, but the price is a little expensive, if sufficient funds on hand then you can choose the double line server. read more

Sep 06 2017

The Shanghai dragon is not good situation

is currently Shanghai Longfeng bad situation. Today Hefei Shanghai dragon and discuss with you the current status of Shanghai dragon which is not good. The Shanghai dragon can be said to be popular, such as those of the site will be more or less things to understand the site optimization. The editors and the chain most have in contact Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Shanghai dragon Er are crazy "execution", random optimization in Shanghai Longfeng just the popularity began to appear chaos. Each local station is the so-called "emerge in an endless stream, Shanghai dragon expert". Shanghai Longfeng morbid is becoming increasingly serious, bad situation has begun to spread. read more

Sep 06 2017

You have to pay attention to the details of the project site before the operation of

The The

third: the first don’t put money too much

: first consider the good website space and operating the project, to avoid the mistakes of

in the choice of the project, many friends will think more popular projects will make more money, so they blindly follow. In fact, I think, just entering the industry in new time should not choose a popular project, popular project competition, often can make you lose your confidence, and fight. The couple should choose some more small projects have the potential to do, such as capital strength Many a little make a mickle., then do a hot item is a wise choice. read more