Aug 05 2017

How to make a movie station network with dedecms

What about

about dedecms?. Not much. Everyone knows it.

, the following stresses. How do you set up Dede’s movie station?. The plug-in uses the dedecms 5.3 system.

program address: we can add QQ group: 16740826 in the group of hard disk, procedures and data. At the same time, welcome to join the movie station friends.

demo address:

1. puts the files in the directory under the dedecms directory. If you change the directory, put it in the directory that you want.

/include/taglib/channel/filmlinks.lib.php read more

Aug 05 2017

The school code network makes Google Adsense crazy

talking about school nets, I think it’s a college student. I know it. But to mention the school code network, the number of people should not know it. Simply put, the school code network is to let you can easily find the right home campus decoration code. How does that campus code link up with Google Adsense?

time to return to last year’s summer vacation.

don’t know what time their network is popular, but for the first time on campus, is the last summer vacation, then only know before the above students can easily find the University, but also can easily find many other university students, as a friend, in exchange. After playing for a while, I have some ideas. See many students’ home page is very unique, personality, how are they decorated ah?. After understanding, just know, but is to put a string of code in the graffiti board, you can according to their own requirements, show your favorite style home page. There are millions of users on the campus network. If there is such a station, it’s not fun to provide them with decorative code, read more

Aug 05 2017

A successful website is like a successful pursuit of a girl

see this title webmasters may sniff at, think of running a website how to pursue the girl pulls the relationship? This is not pure nonsense? Between the two is really no 10 Fen relationship. In fact, otherwise, the relationship between the two in fact large, you can say that you can successfully catch up with a girl, you can successfully run a web site. What nonsense is nonsense, and listen to the word slowly.

let’s take a look at the results first. What is the result of running a web site? The ultimate goal of running a website is to attract users, and then realize the conversion rate and ultimately realize the profit of the website. Let’s look at the girls in pursuit of what is the result? The pursuit of girls the most successful mode is to turn her into his girlfriend or wife, this is equivalent to our operation of a website to achieve the ultimate profitability, as for later life happiness, we are not discussed here. So, not in other ways, at least in terms of results, the two are very similar. read more

Aug 05 2017

Would you like to be a network editor

today I feel about doing network editor, do have an editor for 2 years, did not feel what passion, every day is from the huge news to find some worth watching, a little high content value articles get online to share with everyone.

but in this age of information overload, sometimes the difference between "information" and "trash" may be the only difference in terms of address. Under such circumstances, the simple Ctrl+C Ctrl+V is certainly not meet the requirements, after collecting information also need to go through the fine after be released. read more

Aug 03 2017

Baidu’s Five Penalties and solutions for websites

search engine punishment varied, as the Chinese Baidu search is the big boss, I dare not neglect the grassroots webmaster, many people still don’t know enough about his temper, the niche operate on their own personal experience of 126 model essay net about Baidu’s punishment and remedial measures, we hope to help.

1. home sink

in Baidu site your domain name if not home in the first place, can be called home sink.

now to the statement that the home page in Baidu sink is not punished, you will find that it is Sina site hit the bottom, but for the majority of individual owners, home ground is often a signal that Baidu may have hung up. read more

Aug 03 2017

Take the tourist station as an example pay attention to the main points of data collection and anal

did some work on data collection and analysis of travel websites for a period of time, and thought a lot and learned a lot from it. The latter is the focus of data collection and data analysis, with the former serving the latter. Data analysis is not only important for network promotion personnel, but also important for data researchers and company leaders to control the direction of the company’s development. Although important, but if you take the road to do these work, even if completed the final analysis, will also cost a lot of manpower and time. Because I’ve done it, so share it. read more

Aug 03 2017

Neijiang City Sichuan many initiatives to return home venture preferential services

every year there are many migrant workers from Sichuan to the field of entrepreneurship, with the further promotion of returning home entrepreneurship policy, more and more migrant workers began to return home to start a business, enjoy many preferential.

1 27, Neijiang City, by the open area to return to the park a busy construction scene. Here is one of the 9 returning home parks in Neijiang.

to attract home business, the staff in October last year, Neijiang issued the "Neijiang Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the entrepreneurship of returning" home "project" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the integration of various departments, the 5 aspects of the business registration, tax relief, financial support, financial services, park construction give preferential policies. "Opinions" issued four months, how effective? read more

Aug 03 2017

Abandon garbage station return to forum

The station started

a year ago, the first is a single Chongqing forum, in fact do good, with a bunch of friends, and later because people do eye slander novel station IP high, GG more money, I envy the dead, because at that time the forum tube particularly strict, slowly give up the forum, a lot of friends regret, forum plan, team is good, can be continuous forum several times, I did not go to the tube, and ran to the station, do novel station, out of two, then GG policy adjustment, sell, learn from others to do English station, do English station to start a bit slow, got half a year did not come up with what, there are now two garbage station, day 60~80IP, day train update, not what. Began to reflect on their own, or to think station really fell to the ground, a local forum with me almost synchronous, now fire up, IP almost W much, I really regret, regret that I didn’t insist. Now re adjust their direction, or feel like doing a local forum, Chongqing women help originally wanted to buy, can contact several times, have not contacted. The motivation for buying rice is to put pressure on yourself to keep going. The forum has been working locally for almost a week and hasn’t reached the space yet. read more

Aug 03 2017

Webmaster how to choose their own keywords

in the process of Web site optimization, the choice of keywords is optimized based on a lot of people say that do a keyword optimization not carefully screened with a keyword to do Google optimization, in fact you choose or keywords unreasonable to optimize work greatly hampered, not every word can do Google optimization in fact, you still have the choice of keywords unreasonable optimization greatly hampered, not every word can do search engine optimization. So spend more time in the choice of keywords above, such keywords optimization will have good Google ranking. read more

Aug 02 2017

Baidu double night secret

made me a long-awaited, exciting moment finally arrived, I abandoned for a long time k only a home alone more than 10 months of Baidu, finally made a sympathy for me, released second page (see below), the end of the home situation to collect the Regal isolationist, double page night between to write a great deal about a celebration.

my station had been relying on Baidu and Google to bring traffic, the best years, Baidu every day brings the flow about 300-400ip, Google is roughly the same, then the feeling is like looking back on 6000 points in the stock market, but happy! Happiness is always short, hand in a flash point. Had heard of Baidu at K station, especially the poor, small, do not join the PPC, okay, all will give you drop right, K station, sorry no reason, there is no obligation to tell you, depressed, lost over a period of time, also desperately saved over a period of time, every day manual update ten articles, remove bad links, honest management to update the site, once included increased, Baidu crawler day visit, the new update page also appeared, but not more than three days will disappear, leaving only the home finally miserably, as if you stripped back to you left a pants no matter how! Update, no more out of a read more

Aug 02 2017

An old man’s perception the operation of the four types of users will encounter

Author: squirrel, a "APP" operations manager, micro signal: 183174603.

whether it is a social product, or tools, or the traditional site, basically is the user first, the product second. From the traditional Post Bar, Tianya,, later watercress, known, and in recent years the unfamiliar street, the mobile terminal products such as WeChat in the operation will be. Encounter user development and accumulation of the bottleneck, and the Internet has more than enough articles to explain. This time I say that I am on some of my own user operations. (mainly owe brother of the debt too much, let me slowly. -_-||) read more

Aug 02 2017

Content is the key to update adhere to the principle of doing standing

recently, in the webmaster network and other websites have seen everyone in the discussion Baidu phoenix nest plan problems, but also understand everyone’s mood, but their update is imperative. However, no matter how they update, always remain the same.

we all know that the search engine is now hybrid, and he’s changing algorithms too. So, do not worry too much or feel happy, do stand attention, or their own station problems.

take my own station, I am a small game station, this station has just done soon, we can look at, and now Baidu and GG are second pages, and done so long, but also summed up some things. read more

Aug 02 2017

2000 2009 my ten year forum stormy Road

in 1999, when the unit went to work on the network, and then drive cats online, an hour expensive. Slow speed is poor, a picture is open to a few minutes, but to see the adult picture with bright red blossoms and green willows, snail. Contact network at that time can only satisfy that kind of seeking novelty mentality, see some adult picture article.

In 2000

started to contact the chat in the chat room laughing, brother in the chat room when mixed chat, chat room program is mostly a kind of Red Dragonfly ASP version, there are stars series of rooms in the Hong Kong Version, we use information is the Red Dragonfly ASP version of the global mixed level, different levels have different permissions. There are 6 levels of management level, can kick.. I was one of the few management powers at that time. read more

Aug 02 2017

A very useful online photo processing software

said the photo processing, we will think of powerful PHOTOSHOP, but a lot of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP for general users function for us are not used. Now, with the advances in online technology, online photo processing has begun to mainstream. Not only that, but now the online picture processing is becoming more and more popular. As long as there is a network, no matter where you are in the ends of the earth, you can easily handle the photos without professional software.

below, we will introduce you to a very useful online photo processing software "Tutu photo processing software" read more

Aug 01 2017

The survival of a local and higher education websites

unconsciously has been standing for three years, think about the three years of the road to build the station, as if all the suffering in the world have eaten, but the result is good, all on the ok.

has always been a stand, a position, a website that I know well, and it turns out that my choice is right. I learn professional art background, every year there are a lot of candidates to participate in the examination, when I was in high school I accidentally browsing a website is a website specifically for the fine arts college entrance examination, the website gave me the feeling is: advertising, will certainly make money. Also to imitate the idea of this station. However, because of the urgency of the college entrance examination, I gradually lost this idea. After entering university, the boring college life made me slowly pick up the idea of doing the station in high school, so I bought a computer through my own work study program. I started my station experience. read more

Aug 01 2017

The result of a month’s hard work

I made from the Baotou talent network date, should be more than a month, every one is very hard to learn, and very hard to optimize, slowly from the top to be included in Baidu, three pages, and finally to the top three! Are present too many problems now said to everyone!


1, link issue. Just began to be found in Baidu directly and a Baidu only included home and pr=0 PW station made a link, was severely P friends to see my meal, and it was actually links, maybe crazy! You must not make such mistakes in my read more

Aug 01 2017

With electricity supplier market survey vision to see Baidu ah there is bound to fail

with electricity supplier market survey vision to see Baidu, ah, there must be a failure,

Baidu has ah is the consumer as the core, is committed to helping users to meet the commodity and service information acquisition, screening, communication, decision-making, e-commerce platform transactions until the innovation, open, life. Since the creation of Baidu "to make people convenient access to information, find what we seek the company mission, ah has been committed to the search seamless community and e-commerce engine, and always adhere to the users to provide e-commerce products and services based on search engine, to better meet the needs of both consumers and merchants. In April 21, 2011, ah, the new platform formally launched, the new platform to reduce its own types of services, determined to create a distinctive life information service platform. But unfortunately, there are ah’s business, and ultimately failed. Why so deep pocketed Baidu even in the electronic commerce fell down? What is the reason of early failure of Baidu has ah read more

Aug 01 2017

Mou Changqing the process of learning data analysis is more important than the outcome

‘s mission last week was to ask students to make a new micro-blog and make 500 listeners in 5 days. This task is relatively simple, as long as mastered the skills, only 10 minutes per day to do, but also can easily complete the task. This week’s second entry task is much more difficult than the first.

one: the 2 entry task

task content:

this week’s first task is to train students the ability to collect data and efficiency, require students to collect all can open the "Links platform" type of website, and publish a web site named, because most Links link information platform is the only one, is a web site only once. Therefore, through this judgment, which is the first time the students to find the link platform and the successful launch of the specific URL, efficiency and data collection exercise participants. read more

Aug 01 2017

The use of chromium core browser capture tool for removing malicious code

last December, some friends reminded me to open my website and pop up. Because before the station has home page files have been inserted malicious code occurred, so I deliberately open the site, carefully look at the source code, whether there is suspicious code, but no fruit. I asked my friends if they played it every time. My friend said, "not every time, but occasionally," and then I came to the conclusion that the DNS hijacked ads by telecom operators. Shortly after, in Beijing, the team partner Peng Peng asked me why I open the home page, sometimes there will be game advertising pop-up, this time I’m sure the site will be put malicious code. Again carefully look at the page source, finally found the traces, malicious code does exist, but not in the web page file, but on a call for data PHP file "two level domain forum under the api.php", the author write malicious code: read more

Aug 01 2017

SEO site should do a good job but also to do a good job user experience

SEO do not know when you have a few in the whole world of the Internet popular inside and outside, do not pay attention to the so-called SEO, especially those who rely on Baidu search by the so-called living garbage station owners, several key sites do go up, even if your site is a garbage can’t refuse the page, IP still will brush point here, then look at your website SEO level, so in recent years, whether it is the so-called SEO training or SEO advertising network to fly everywhere pretty, so everything is stand in front of the interests of the. But today I want to say is you do a SEO website, if your website user experience is very bad, so bring you good ranking is not good or the conversion rate is good interest, perhaps every ten thousand IP corresponding to the PV is only ten thousand, that is to say your website has no need to exist. read more