The furious mother of a disabled woman who took he

first_imgThe furious mother of a disabled woman who took her own life after repeated safeguarding failings by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has branded DWP’s response to a parliamentary petition set up in her daughter’s name “a joke”.Joy Dove saidthis week that DWP’s safeguarding failures had killed her daughter.She spokeout after DWP responded to the Justice for Jodey Whiting petition, which was set up in her daughter’sname.DWP said inits response that it would not hold an independent inquiry into the deaths ofdisabled people linked to the failings of ministers and civil servants, asdemanded by the petition.More than26,000 people have now signed the Justice for Jodey Whiting petition, whichthis week won further support, from the grassroots disabled women’sorganisation WinVisible and film director Ken Loach.The petitioncalls for an independent inquiry into deaths linked to DWP failings, and forevidence of criminal misconduct by civil servants or government ministers to bepassed to the police.It alsocalls for MPs to recognise that DWP is institutionally disablist and not fitfor purpose, and for DWP to “urgently change its policies and administration ofsocial security benefits to make the safety of all claimants a priority”.Because thepetition passed 10,000 signatures, the government was forced to respond.But itsresponse, published this week, ignored key parts of the petition’sdemands.DWP said ithad “no plans” to hold an independent inquiry, and that the Independent CaseExaminer (ICE) – who found DWP failed five times to follow its own safeguardingrules in the weeks leading up to Whiting’s suicide in February 2017 – “did notfind any evidence of misconduct by Civil Servants or Ministers”.DWPapologised for its failings in her case and said: “Unfortunately, in thisinstance the expected standard of customer service was not achieved.”But the responseignored the petition’s reference to the manyother deaths thathave been closely linked to the actions of ministers and civil servants.DWP claimedthat the safeguarding of claimants was already a priority, that it was “committedto safeguarding vulnerable claimants” and that its staff were “trained to identifysigns of vulnerability which may include offering extra help with people’sbenefits should they need it”.But onlylast week, Disability News Service (DNS) reported how DWP had admitted destroying a damaging internal report aboutits failure to ensure the safety of benefit claimants in jobcentres, preventingit being released under freedom of information laws.DWP alsofailed in its response to comment on the petition’s call for MPs to accept thatDWP is institutionally disablist and not fit for purpose.This week,DNS reports (see separate story) howan employment tribunal found DWP managers had “victimised” a disabled member ofstaff after she claimed that she had faced workplace discrimination.And inFebruary, Civil Servicefigures revealed that the proportion of DWP staff who said they hadbeen victims of disability discrimination at work in the previous 12 months hadrisen by about 50 per cent in just four years.Joy Dove, Jodey Whiting’s mother, said the DWP response to the petitionwas “a joke”, and that her message to DWP was: “You have put everything in yourresponse to the petition that you did not do to safeguard Jodey.“You killed my daughter by not safeguarding her.”She added: “They should have practised what they are trying to preachnow. They are responsible for Jodey’s death.”She said she was appalled that the DWP response suggested that the£10,000 ICE ordered DWP to pay the family as a “consolatory payment” was“compensation” for her daughter’s death.Dove said that £9,000 was given to Jodey’s nine children, while the other£1,000 was used to pay off some of the debts she had built up in paying for herdaughter’s funeral.She said: “It’s not about money. I will carry on. They can’t say it’s settled.I signed nothing. I want justice.”She is hoping to take legal action against DWP, and she told DNS shewanted to see an inquiry into deaths linked to DWP’s actions, and then criminalprosecutions. Meanwhile, Loach,whose film I, Daniel Blake has become a cultural rallying point for manydisabled activists appalled at the deaths and years of harm caused to benefitclaimants by government social security reforms, spoke this week to Dove toexpress his support for her battle for justice.That battleis shared by seven other families who have lost relatives because of thefailings of DWP ministers and senior civil servants and have backed thepetition.Dove saidLoach had spoken to her for nearly an hour and was “lovely”.He latersent a letter to her, saying that he and his colleagues were “aware of thecountless other stories like yours where DWP has shown brutality that has leddirectly to innocent people suffering, and even death, as with Jodey”.WinVisible, which supports and campaigns fordisabled women, this week added its backing for the petition.ClaireGlasman, from WinVisible, said her organisation was supporting the petition becausethe way Whiting had had her benefits “cut off” and had not been believed abouther illness was “horrific”.She said: “Thiscallousness is now standard. Every day we work with women with visible andinvisible disabilities, distressed and suicidal because they are forced to gothrough the brutal benefit test system.  “We helpthem to win benefits on paper evidence, using the info on WinVisible’sblog.  “We can’tbear it that disabled mothers who deserve benefits and support services, arepenalised as fit for work by reason of caring for children.  “In benefitcuts, disabled single mother families are doubly hit by the hostility againstsingle mothers and against disabled people, losing up to £11,000 a year.” WinVisible isadding its support for the petition to that of four other grassroots groups: Black Triangle, Disabled People Against Cuts, Mental Health Resistance Network and WOWcampaign, as well as DNS.To sign the Justice for Jodey Whiting petition, click on this link. If you sign the petition, please note that you will need to confirm your signature by clicking on an email you will be sent automatically by the House of Commons petitions committeePicture: Jodey Whitinglast_img read more

Developments in Development Tricky to Fix

first_img Tags: Developments in Development • evictions • housing • housing moratorium Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% So the little is settled except the project will be delayed. Meanwhile,  the protests continue amid disagreement on what will be effective. Protesters again arrived at City Hall Thursday, but this time to ask for legislator’s support on specific proposals, including Proposition I, the Mission Moratorium. Few officials were present (or willing to engage the protesters). But the moratorium was just called out by a city report as basically doing nothing. Ted Egan, the city’s chief economist, released a report this week saying that the moratorium would have no real effect on no-fault evictions and would probably slightly raise housing prices around the city – by between $15 and $174 a year per renter citywide, which shouldn’t faze any newcomer in the context of local housing price standards. Between 97 and 131 affordable units that are tied to market rate developments that would be delayed by the moratorium would, of course, also be delayed. But Egan’s commentary goes a step further: He writes that there isn’t much correlation between building new housing stock and prices going up. The Mission’s dramatic gentrification (which a study recently classified as ‘advanced,’ surprising no one) happened during a net loss of housing stock and some 97 percent of newcomers are moving into existing, not new housing, he found. More on that at the Business Times. The Yes on Prop I campaign issued a rebuttal yesterday, saying the report only considers the moratorium’s effect on supply and fails to consider how an the demand for housing influences displacement. He also wrote that the proposition’s purpose goes beyond a pause on housing and includes a mandate to change policy to have a longer-term influence on housing.Of course there’s no shortage of different proposed remedies for evictions. Tenant Protection 2.0, a regulation change proposed by Supervisor Jane Kim earlier this year, is coming before the Land Use Committee on Monday and is one of the proposals protesters were rallying for yesterday. The policy would require landlords to rent an apartment at the previous tenants’ rent controlled rent after certain kinds of no-fault eviction to discourage no-fault evictions for the purpose of raising rents. Ellis evictions already prevent landlords from renting the unit for ten years, and owner move in evictions have a similar restriction. It would also put the kibosh on evictions for minor offenses, as well as for moving additional residents into the unit or for the unit being illegal. We’ll definitely keep you updated on that one. Housing isn’t the only arena in which people are duking it out over solutions. With so many new arrivals, transportation is a major concern – not only in terms of parking, which we heard some frustration over in response to our story about parklets, but also in terms of public transit. Supervisor Scott Wiener has called for an aggressive expansion of the city’s transit system, primarily into the western and southeastern neighborhoods of the city. His subway master plan goes before the land use and transportation committee this fall. Improving bus transportation just isn’t enough, Wiener argues. It has to be subway if it’s going to be efficient – even if it’s going to be expensive. 0%center_img Construction and development plans seem to plod forward relentlessly, ushering in change even when the cogs of the planning machine come grinding to a halt. Meanwhile, proposed solutions become ever more contentious.Take 2000-2070 Bryant.  When developers announced an indefinite hold on the planning process to make some community-spurred adjustments to their proposal, some opponents celebrated. But on Wednesday afternoon, the subtenants of Inner Mission, who had been working and living there for between four and 10 months, came up against their eviction deadline set in court a week earlier and all three began moving their belongings to storage and themselves to friends’ couches.Two of the three Inner Mission subtenants with their belongings. Photo by Laura WenusThe eviction,  derailed by a time frame that proved too tight, leaves Inner Mission master tenants Eric Reid and Mike Gaines in place. Inner Mission struck a deal earlier this year with Bryant street developer Nick Podell to ensure relocation payments. The arts organization is now the only tenant left in the building. last_img read more

SF Reaffirms Sanctuary Status Despite Executive Order on Immigration

first_imgIn response to an executive order stripping sanctuary cities of federal funding signed Wednesday morning by President Donald Trump, immigrants, nonprofit organizers and city legislators rallied in front of City Hall to publicly commit to maintaining protections for immigrants and to reassure one another.“Your local government is with you,” said District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen. “We’re going to protect every single member of our community.”Supervisor Hillary Ronen speaks at press conference addressing immigration and Trump outside City Hall. Photo by Lola M. ChavezHer colleague, District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, shouted her statement through tears – angry tears, she said. “I am angry to the core. We can channel this into being united,” Fewer said. “I’m counting on all of you and I hope you’re counting on me too.”It’s not quite clear how the executive order will affect San Francisco programs, or how the city will weather any cut in federal money. Ronen said the city receives about $1 billion in federal funding, about half of which comes through the state. The challenge for legislators will be to figure out what funding will indeed be cut and how to replace it. “What I’m doing right now is looking at ways of creating new revenue streams,” Ronen explained after the press conference. “There’s still a lot of questions that we have.”The Washington Post published an explainer on Sanctuary Cities and writes “funding can only be withheld if it is relevant “to the federal interest in the project.” Cities, counties and states with sanctuary policies get federal money from dozens of different departments, most of which are not related to immigration.”Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer speaks at press conference addressing immigration and Trump outside City Hall. Photo by Lola M. ChavezStill, organizers rallied around 100 people to reaffirm their support for the city’s sanctuary policy, which restricts the circumstances under which local law enforcement communicates with immigration officials about undocumented individuals. They argued that such barriers between local police and immigration enforcement builds trust between police and immigrant communities.“Because of Trump’s actions today, the safety of people in my community is at risk,” said Father Richard Smith of St. John’s episcopal church in the Mission District. He said immigrants would be made “more reluctant to come forward if doing so will risk having their families torn apart.”Though she has since attained citizenship, janitor and union organizer Maria Trujillo said at the press conference that she personally felt the fears of deportation among those in her community. “Now Trump wants to deport millions of workers. We came to work hard, not to rob or harm anyone,” Trujillo said. “This will destroy families throughout the country.”Above all, organizers called for unity in the face of threats from the federal government, and for continued action. “Now we are in the fight of our lives. No longer is hateful rhetoric just that anymore. Actions are being taken in the moment to attack us, to attack our values” said SEIU 1021 union organizer Joseph Bryant. City leaders have been trying to get ahead of the promised increase in deportations under a Trump presidency since the election, with former Supervisor David Campos proposing a roughly $5 million set-aside for nonprofits and the Public Defender to hire immigration lawyers to defend immigrants facing deportation proceedings. A disagreement between supervisors and the mayor developed over including funding for the Public Defender, and on Tuesday the Board of Supervisors approved the set-aside without the money for the Public Defender.It’s unclear why the mayor insisted on funding nonprofits only – he told the Examiner only that community-based organizations are effective and have close ties to the immigrants the funding is meant to serve . Those same nonprofits, however, are still holding out hope that some funding will eventually go to the Public Defender.“Those with criminal charges or criminal pasts will be targeted more aggressively than others…we as [community based organizations] will not be able to meet that growing demand,” explained Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center. “And that’s why it was so important to hear decision makers say, today we’re going to ensure that they get the legal defense that they need.”Photo by Lola M. Chavez 0%center_img Tags: Board of Supervisors • immigration • sanctuary city Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

COOL handed Luke Walsh slotted over a drop goal in

first_imgCOOL handed Luke Walsh slotted over a drop goal in the final minute to seal a dramatic 17-16 win over Huddersfield Giants.The scrum half landed a one-pointer with precision to put Saints in the next round after Danny Brough’s effort was adjudged to have gone wide seconds earlier.In a real titanic tussle Nathan Brown’s side saved probably their worst performance of the season for their biggest game.They surrendered an 8-0 lead to go in 10-8 down at half time.Tries from Adam Swift and Tommy Makinson gave them the advantage but the Giants forced their way back into it.Shaun Lunt’s try may have been fortuitous but Joe Wardle’s wasn’t and it gave Huddersfield a lead they probably didn’t expect.The hooker added his second in the second half before Brett Ferres was sent off for a shocking spear tackle on Jonny Lomax.A man up, Makinson got over in the corner immediately and then Walsh kicked a penalty.In the final few minutes, Saints charged down three drop goal attempts before Brough’s went wide – and Walsh did the rest.It left at least half of the John Smith’s crowd celebrating the win; and the other showing their dismay with the officials.Brown admitted Saints’ performance was probably disrupted by the number of players returning from injury.Luke Walsh, Kyle Amor, Jordan Turner, Alex Walmsley and Willie Manu all came into the line-up for the crucial tie.Joe Greenwood and Anthony Walker rewarded for their performances in the win over Leeds with spots on the bench.Huddersfield on the other hand fielded virtually a full strength side – bringing Joe Wardle back in at centre.There were signs of nerves from the kick off as Giants put it out on the full and then Alex Walmsley knocked on with the try line only inches away.On eight minutes Saints had another crack at Huddersfield’s line – thanks to Luke Walsh’s 40:20.And it paid off, Walsh and Hohaia combining for Adam Swift to put down in the corner.Saints extended the lead after 15 minutes. Walsh was again involved, getting the ball wide to Makinson who kicked inside.It went through hands, James Roby picked it up, drew the defence and Makinson was in.Two minutes later Danny Brough kicked a great 40:20 and the video referee had to rule on a ‘burrow over’ try.It was chalked off for a knock on though.Kyle Amor left the pitch in the 20th minute with a leg injury and then the Giants forced a drop out.But they knocked on as Saints right hand side piled on the pressure.On 26 minutes Huddersfield got back into the match.Saints were caught napping at dummy half after a break on the right hand side and Shaun Lunt went over.It wasn’t clear on the screen if he had scored, but the video referee gave him benefit of the doubt.Hohaia’s kicking game forced a repeat set, which came to nothing, and then the Giants continued their domination of the second quarter.Joe Wardle collected a kick to the corner and then Danny Brough kicked them in front.To be fair they’d had chances before that and on the balance deserved to go in 10-8 to the good.Saints needed a strong start to the second half so therefore could have done without losing the ball on their second set and giving a penalty away in front of the sticks.The Giants opted to run it but Saints held out.Luke Walsh’s high ball almost saw Manu put his side back in front on 52 minutes – but it was disallowed for offside.Five minutes later Huddersfield turned the screw.A penalty gave them field position then a break in the centre of the field was taken to the house by Lunt for his second.Brough taking the advantage to eight points.Saints looked devoid of ideas in attack but they got back into it when Makinson nabbed his second of the game in the corner.Yet before that vital score Brett Ferres was sent off for a shocking spear tackle on Jonny Lomax.Jordan Turner forced a drop out with eight minutes to go and then Walsh kicked a penalty to level it up.From the restart the Giants won a drop out and pounded Saints line.But the defence was too strong – charging down three Brough drop goal attempts before he got one away clean.It went high, but it was ruled wide much to the dismay of the Huddersfield fans and players.Lady luck was smiling on Saints and seconds later Walsh landed a peach to seal the win.Match Summary:Giants: Tries: Lunt (2), WardleGoals: Brough (2 from 3)Saints: Tries: Swift, Makinson (2)Goals: Walsh (2 from 4)Drop: WalshPenalties: Giants: 5Saints: 10HT: 8-10FT: 17-16REF: Phil BenthamATT: 5566Teams:Giants: 1. Scott Grix; 2. Jermaine McGillvary, 5. Aaron Murphy, 4. Joe Wardle, 19. Jodie Broughton; 6. Danny Brough, 7. Luke Robinson; 8. Eorl Crabtree, 9. Shaun Lunt, 10. Craig Kopczak, 11. Brett Ferres, 12. Jason Chan, 14. Michael Lawrence.Subs: 13. Chris Bailey, 16. David Faiumu, 18. Kyle Wood, 20. Antonio Kaufusi.Saints:1. Jonny Lomax; 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Jordan Turner, 4. Josh Jones, 5. Adam Swift; 6. Lance Hohaia, 7. Luke Walsh; 16. Kyle Amor, 9. James Roby, 18. Alex Walmsley, 13. Willie Manu, 15. Mark Flanagan, 11. Sia Soliola.Subs: 8. Mose Masoe, 17. Paul Wellens, 23. Joe Greenwood, 25. Anthony Walker.last_img read more

A HATTRICK from Great Britain hooker Aaron Smith

first_imgA HAT-TRICK from Great Britain hooker Aaron Smith put paid to the Tigers 36-20 in what is now a customary see-saw game with the visitors from the Jungle.As was the case two weeks ago and last season for that matter the Saints never seem to be able to get more than one score ahead and this was the case today.In fact it was the visitors who took the lead scoring a long range try. They took advantage of the compressed Saints defensive line going around the right wing of Lewis Galbraith and then returning to that side after full back Ricky Bailey had halted the initial break.The Saints responded with some fierce defence forcing the error in the Tigers own half. From the scrum some superb training ground execution of a play saw centres Matty Fleming and Jake Spedding commit their opposite numbers before Fleming’s around the man pass put Galbraith in just enough space for the winger to score.Again good line running five minutes later gave the Saints the lead for the first time. Lewis Charnock and Olly Davies both ran the perfect line allowing the stand-off to put his second row in to a big hole for the score.Back came the Tigers punishing the Saints as they were penalised for a high tackle. The stand-off, the Tigers best player, stepped through a static Saints defence to reach out for the equalising try.Then came the first of hat-trick hero Smith’s tries giving the Saints the lead at the break. The Tigers knocked on from the kick off and the Saints piled on the pressure from the scrum with Spedding, Fozard and Charnock all held inches short. From the last play the ball Smith spotted his chance darting over from dummy half.The call for the second half was no silly mistakes and piggy backing penalties both of which were present in the lead up the Tigers score five minutes into the second period. The impressive full back took full advantage jinking his way under the posts to draw level again.Minutes later the Saints retook the lead as Jake Spedding got reward for some great recent displays reacting quickest to pounce on a loose ball over the line.Then came a turning point as Fozard made a break from his own 30 but as he got free passé inside to the supporting Morgan Knowles but the ball was just forward. Had he held on there was a try begging.But the Tigers needed no second invitation as from the scrum the right centre handed off some weak tackling to level matters again in the corner.The Saints didn’t let the setback kill them, however, as the young pack started to exert pressure and take control.Dave Hewitt’s show and go near the line ended with him held short but a quick play the ball and overhead pass from Olly Davies to Ricky Bailey put the full back in from close range.This time the Saints pressed home the advantage in the last ten minutes with Smith’s last two tries.Ross McCauley found himself inches short of the line but from the play the ball Smith darted over. From the restart McCauley burst free finding Charnock in support but his pass to put Hewitt away for the try went marginally forward.The Tigers were still plugging away and two dangerous situations were diffused firstly by a great high bomb catch from Dave Eccleston and secondly a big hit from Smith and Liam Cooper forcing the knock on. The latter gave possession to the Saints and four tackles later Smith dummied his way over for his third.On an extremely hot day the Saints young pack set about their business in a controlled and efficient way led by new prop Matty Fozard and ably backed up by McCauley, Olly Davies, Morgan Knowles and off the bench by Chris Worrall.As the Saints travel over Billinge lump next Saturday the same steely concentration will be required if they are to come away with the points.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Ricky Bailey, Lewis Galbraith, Jake Spedding, Aaron Smith 3, Olly Davies.Goals: Lewis Charnock 4.Castleford:Tries: Ash Robson, Liam Blockley, Connor Hughes, Jordan Howden.Goals: Jordan Howden 2.Half Time: 16-10Full Time: 36-20Teams:Saints:1. Ricky Bailey; 5. Lewis Galbraith, 4. Matty Fleming, 3. Jake Spedding, 2. David Eccleston; 6. Lewis Charnock, 7. Dave Hewitt; 8. Phil Atherton, 9. Aaron Smith, 15. Matty Fozard, 11. Liam Cooper, 12. Olly Davies, 13. Morgan Knowles. Subs: 14. Jonah Cunningham, 18. Dan Abram. 16. Chris Worrall, 17. Ross McCauley,Castleford:1. Ash Robson; 2. James Brown, 3. Liam Blockley, 4. Brad Hey, 5. Connor Hughes; 6. Jordan Howden, 7. Tom Holmes; 8. Connor Wick, 9. Brandon Moore, 10. Will Maher, 11. Brad Foster, 12. Brad Day, 13. Scott Ellerington. Subs: 14. Brandon Westerman, 15. Naz Currie-Clark, 16. Danny Sowerby, 17. Matty Burman.last_img read more

THE renewal deadline for 2017 Memberships is TODAY

first_imgTHE renewal deadline for 2017 Memberships is TODAY!That means you have until midnight tonight to secure your spot – plus a significant saving – before the ‘Early Bird’ phase kicks in. For 2017, we have expanded your Strength In Numbers Membership scheme to include even more benefits and to bring you closer than ever to your Saints. You will receive exclusive news plus Club and local partner discounts directly to your inbox as well as, naturally, all your First Utility Super League and Super 8s home games – up to 15 in total.It is the cheapest way to follow your Club – and we have FROZEN all prices this year too – and one lucky member will win a trip to State of Origin in 2017. Click here to find out more. Log on to our Membership site at to find out more.Dates for Your DiaryRENEWAL DEADLINE – OCTOBER 31 2016EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE – DECEMBER 24 2016GENERAL SALE: DECEMBER 25 2016 ONWARDSlast_img read more

The game kicks off at 230pm at Ovenden Park and h

first_imgThe game kicks off at 2.30pm at Ovenden Park and he has named a strong squad for the trip.It is:Aaron Smith, Brad Billsborough, Calvin Wellington, Chris Follin, Dave Eccleston, Jack Ashworth, Jake Spedding, Jonah Cunningham, Jordan Olmez, Jorge Lewtas, Josh Eaves, Kevin Brown, Liam Cooper, Matty Costello, Matty Lees, Mike Weldon, Ricky Bailey, Rob Fairclough, Tommy Lee.Admission is priced £5 Adults and £2 Juniors.There is no charge for parking.last_img


first_imgSteve Leonard the Foundations Director stated:“ This is a massive statement from the club and also shows our 100% backing of the RFL’s Safeguarding team and the Listening Club initiative”“ We are making everyone aware that they have a voice within our club. We will listen to what they say and act upon anything that we believe can improve what we do to ensure everyone’s experience of St Helens RFC is as positive as it can be”“We run mental health programmes in our schools where we promote the need for people to speak out and tell someone. So it is very important that we have in place ourselves a clear avenue for our young players to speak out and feel unrestricted in doing so”“Our Club Chaplain Paul Johnson runs the programme alongside Player Welfare officer Neil Kilshaw and going off last season’s successes they have done a wonderful job. We have committed again to running the programme in the 2019 season and will be promoting the initiative to all our Community Clubs in the area to take part. We for sure have found it invaluable and can proudly say we are a club that listens.”last_img read more

Laney High unveils new gym and media center

first_img New Hanover County Schools celebrated the opening of the two Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony.The funding for the projects was a part of the 2014 Bond Referendum.The ceremony began with a welcome from Laney Principal Sharon Dousharm and included remarks from Board Chairman Edward B. Higgins. Doug Sherwood, of Sawyer, Sherwood & Associate Architecture, presented details about the new facilities.Related Article: He promised: LeBron James is the AP’s male athlete of 2018Athletic Director Fred Lynch gave a brief history of the gym including the times when Laney’s most famous alumnus, Michael Jordan, played in the old gym.The new gym seats 1,600 people and is more than 20,000 square feet. The gym features two new boys team rooms and two new girls team rooms along with renovated locker rooms, an Athletic Director’s office with a new workspace, two coaches offices with workspaces, two classrooms, a new lobby with a concessions area and public restrooms, and the Nike/Michael Jordan Jump Man logo on center court.The total cost of gymnasium construction is $7,697,464.18.The new media center totals 11,100 square feet and features two new study rooms, one testing/accommodations room, and one makerspace room, which is a room for students to create hands-on, 3-D projects, such as printing, sewing, and soldering.  The room has a sink and built-in casework to store materials and supplies. There is also a workroom, a café/lounge seating area, and WiFi points throughout, which enable students to access the technology they need to complete homework, special assignments, and projects.The total cost of media center construction is $2,717,857. 00:00 00:00 html5: Video file not found spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Kids will head back to school Monday and students at Laney High School will notice some big changes.After months of construction, the school has a new gym and media center.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Officials investigate early morning armed robbery

first_img The suspect fled on foot in an unknown direction. The Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit was called in to assist in the investigation.The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’8”-6’ tall, 150 lbs. wearing a green striped hoodie with the hood drawn tight around his face.  The suspect kept his hands inside the sleeves of the hoodie through the entire incident.Additional information will be released as it becomes available. PHOTO: Andrew James WWAY NEWS CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed robbery that took place at the Circle K gas station located at 3053 Castle Hayne Rd.According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect entered the business around 2:00 a.m. and told the clerk, “this is a robbery, give me all the money or I’ll shoot”. A weapon was not seen.- Advertisement – last_img read more