Quick Review Kirbys Epic Yarn for Wii

21 Sep 2019 admin

first_imgWhen gamers above the age of 10 first see Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I’m pretty sure they will react the same way I did–assume the game is for children move on. And it’s hard to blame them–the E-for-everyone game is so cutesy that it makes Mario looks like Jack the Ripper. And it’s not even Kirby as we’ve best loved him, flying around and sucking up enemies. After playing the game I would suggest you reconsider, fight your instincts, and give it a shot.Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a delightful game for people of all ages. Sure, the fact that a young child can play it successfully means that veteran gamers will find it quite easy, but the older you are the more you will be able to get from it (well, up to a point). Just like a Pixar movie Kirby’s Epic Yarn scales with the user–kids will be able to enjoy the graphics and cute characters while old people will be able to enjoy these as well as the skill-based challenges and item collection.At no point will the game be as hard as New Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong Country Returns, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. Dedicated gamers won’t be on the edge of their seats but they will probably find it to be a fresh, yet relaxing take on a 2D platformer. The game experience will vary for children based on their age, but I’m guessing it will be fine for children of 5 and up.That the game is a Mario-style platformer and one that requires little skill is almost aside from the point. Kirby’s Epic Yarn takes place in an incredibly inviting world where everything is made of fabric. This seems silly until you start playing you see how much fun Nintendo’s level designers had with the environment. Enemies are made of yarn and can be unwound with a string-whip. Secret areas can be revealed by pulling a zipper and a boss can be slayed by pulling on a button that hangs on a loose thread. It’s clever and something that everyone can related to.The creativity here is through the roof, but Nintendo also nailed the execution. Kirby is easy to control and the moves are limited. In fact you only use the standard Wii remote in its sideways mode, so the controls are as simple as that of any Nintendo game. There is no motion control but the movement feels smooth and the gameplay is quite forgiving. There is almost no punishment for wrong actions so players are free to keep trying until the accomplish their goal. You can’t die so there is nothing to worry about and no frustrating moments.As always with Nintendo games, the player controls are precise and feel well tuned.  This includes when Kirby morphs into one of this special forms, like a tank or spaceship.There isn’t much of a story, but what the plot does is explain why you are in the yarn-based dream world. There are some things you want to do here–characters to help, a bad guy to beat, and and apparently a house to furnish–but the story isn’t overly important. Young players will be able to appreciate it, but old people will probably find it slow and rather dull.Kirby’s Epic Yarn has cooperative two player mode so you can play at the same time as a friend, sibling, or your child. In this mode you can help each other other, in case someone gets stuck, but it’s pretty much the same game as in single-player mode, not a competitive or considerably enhanced experience as we say in the last Mario game.There are few downsides, but I would definitely point out that holding the Wiimote for extended periods of time is rather uncomfortable. I did enjoy the move to NES-era controls but ergonomically speaking it’s a step back.Overall the word I would use to describe Kirby’s Epic Yarn is delightful. It’s great for kids and fun for adults. Sure, there are no decapitations or machine guns, but it’s still possible to have a good time with it, if only to enjoy a well-crafted game and a brilliantly conceived game world. It’ll be easy for anyone who games with any regularity (even kids) but this didn’t stop me from having a good time. And don’t worry, Donkey Kong Country Returns will be around in few weeks and then you’ll get all the challenge you’ve been waiting for. Before then though you’ll want to try this game, it’s worth your time.i_2575e2i_2575e2i_25753i_25752i_25751i_25750i_25749i_25749i_25746i_25745i_25742i_25741i_25735i_25441i_25429i_25428i_25422i_25421i_25191last_img

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