Month: September 2017

Sep 16 2017

Keywords SEM strategy dig the user pain points

to Shanghai dragon training industry as an example, if you need to find the Shanghai dragon needs of customers, we can make a classification for the customer source, in the purchase of Shanghai dragon training products users, has just graduated from work, or work less than half a year in Shanghai Longfeng industry accounted for 70% of the volume of business, and for the customer advisory conversion rate is very high, so we put this part of customers as our core user group.


, 2 graduating students and past students to more than 5 5 read more

Sep 16 2017

Lu Cong learn to use the data to analyze the Shanghai Dragon

always heard friends think, Shanghai is paid special attention to the content of love. Since the blog opened, has been feeling. But to experience their own analysis let me more determined something. At the end of last week, because out of the reason why not update the site outside the chain, of course also not to do. Check No. 5.27 spiders visit record. The number of love Shanghai and noble baby spiders visiting are very pretty. Is that two days not updated, back Sunday night, began to update the article. Later, the spider visit records have great changes. You can see a few days later the spider visit record. Of course, accompanied by a decline in Shanghai ranked love, I analyze these data and get some ideas, love Shanghai search engine focusing on the user experience and content of the original content, correlation. This is also the author of the blog love Shanghai important reason for frequent visiting spider. Drop love Shanghai ranked, personal feeling has began to decrease in the quality of the chain, so the love Shanghai dropped. read more

Sep 16 2017

No site optimization of the chain power what else can we do

to a website, the website data in addition to the daily observation, we also do a good optimization, the better data, users access to more and better love our site.

for a good website, whether it is from the user’s point of view, or search engine, the internal structure is a key point, especially some of the more details of what is most likely to be ignored, a very big risk but also affect the development of the website. I like www.taohyd贵族宝贝 because it is the use of an old domain name directly to do new sites, and before there are a lot of pages indexed by search engines, and have a good ranking, many users through the website and I not related pages into my website, found an error page, it will directly turn off, but if I do a 404 page, you will find that there are many users will have the page to enter my website, understand the new website. Here Xiaobian only use for a simple 404 page, but it is still a lot of small details, such as navigation design, page template design and so on are part of the internal optimization, so we should pay attention to it, found the problem immediately corrected. read more

Sep 16 2017

Three prominent venture capital circle is about to change signal Scrumpt launched a secure lunch del

in business development, in addition to distribution side, the greater challenge is that the supply of ingredients and central production plants, etc., also need the first time planning.

secondly, a few?

The United States

, the first signal is "in fact, the investment community is not bad money,"

Scrumpt co-founder Bri James, Scrumpt in the past, the food is not convenient to eat, but also did not consider the health factors for parents, still need to the convenience store to purchase food preparing lunch for children. Therefore, this new action of Scrumpt is actually a strategy adjustment after trial and error, and it depends on the "convenience + health" strategy to increase user stickiness. read more

Sep 16 2017

On the four we need to avoid the misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon Society


first of all we need to know what is the society of Shanghai dragon? Society Shanghai dragon is a combination of social media and the Shanghai dragon. These two aspects are intertwined. A fragment of the marketing strategy, brand strategy and information will dilute your confusion. However, when you take advantage of social media marketing and Shanghai dragon, does not mean that there is no what problem, you should be careful to avoid misunderstandings among them. Today I simply share four wrong views four Dragon Society in Shanghai. read more

Sep 12 2017

How to use the 5 1 holiday to get traffic

Keywords a number in the right position to

do get flow, including is a vision. Who have a long-term vision, who will be able to get a lot of traffic. With the 5.1 Labor Day comes, will certainly have a lot of friends to search 5.1 holiday arrangements for 2011 this term, we in the long tail keywords as an example, if we can put the word optimization to love Shanghai before a few, and why not to flow? But note that want to do this flow, we will be in 5.1 years ago, and even said a few months ago will do. As the date approached, the search volume will be more and more, by an article may be difficult to go up, as I write this article right now if you want to do this word that is certainly no, just say a truth. read more

Sep 12 2017

Nonsense pull the four search engines in the development trend of circle

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is most closely associated with the current grassroots webmaster department, in 2013 Webmaster Platform held 6 talks, traveled to several city the most concentrated business groups. Largely preach love Shanghai search technology, let more people treat every change of love from the front of the Shanghai algorithm. In 2013, Shanghai love every change in the algorithm has not be like in 2012 caused tens of thousands of webmaster group and the attack of the situation. Although not the money the Department, but basically to love Shanghai search set a positive image through 2-3 years of efforts, let love Shanghai every time algorithm becomes "tall". That love Shanghai for Webmaster Platform point activity funds. read more

Sep 12 2017

Website optimization blind user experience than good intentions

yesterday (February 19, 2013) with the on-line algorithm Scindapsus love Shanghai love Shanghai, once again stressed the link trading is cheating Shanghai Longfeng behavior, and for the sale and buy links directly punished, and also stated that the "Shanghai Long Fengchao chain cheating" optimization, so love from Shanghai once again updated we can see love Shanghai remediation waste site and pure as the optimization and optimization site determination, so in 2013 we go blind and do some optimization work, as well as the intentions to do user experience. read more

Sep 12 2017

n the selection and skills of Website Title Keyword

The first point:


here I think everyone can understand, what you do is what type of website, such as: fashion information, entertainment gossip, click games, web games and so on, as a novice webmaster positioning clear some suggestions, such as I do the game information, game information includes: click the game, small game, "games, online games, video games and so on, so you need to find a suitable for their own, do not say I want to do the game station, then" what type papapa "what game do, very difficult to do it (not absolute, only relative). So the positioning must be clear, to be with read more

Sep 12 2017

Noble baby Postrank highlights social factors acquired importance to Shanghai Dragon

we first look at the noble baby itself, its social field of lost again and again is not what news, it seems those engineers great nobility baby too Indoorsman and not good at socializing, half-dead Orkut do not know how long can hold in Brazil, India, to know the current Facebook users the fastest growing place is India. The noble baby Buzz users are more is love automatically output by twitter or feeds, the real release of information on the web only accounted for about 10%, is an information storage, and can not be called a social networking service. The latest release of the noble baby +1 did not cause too much sensation, maybe we think of the noble baby is always focused on this aspect of the search, only some of the technology blog made some sporadic reports, the real use of the site is not much, but +1 users open the channel does not have two kinds, one is add in the nobility baby Profile, two is to open through the third party website button. For ordinary users, especially now that the pure fool operation of the age of the Internet users, is undoubtedly a bad news, even if there are some fans who will go to use, but accounted for the total number of users, only rarely considered a part of. At present in the nobility baby to promote its noble baby Account, hope that users can use other services more to stay in their account, this is very complicated to their own social products mainly concentrated in the accounts Gmail this one. read more

Sep 11 2017

360 why the launch of the new search search search 360 search for what

2. habit memory and word of mouth

love Shanghai = = love search, search Shanghai

you obviously do security software, what search ah, while the children play. What? What the hell do not need to search safe?


this is more interesting. Now we need to search something will be used to say "love Shanghai", "Baidu", "Baidu love", Shanghai is in this way let love Shanghai = search "firmly rooted in the minds of users.

so you can see, the 360 search, the user is not cold cold? read more

Sep 11 2017

Behind the site snapshot stagnation does not matter hidden dangers big opportunity

in the website development process, can not avoid several revisions, the revision including template replacement, optimization keywords, title. The above points are seriously affecting the normal search engine index revision, the revision will often appear a few days or even several days of "sandbox" period.

although the chain for the emperor, but the chain is really better? There is an unwritten rule in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, generally does not recommend doing a lot of the chain in a short period of time, unless have a high weight website. Why so many analysis? Practice has proved that the general site if suddenly hundreds or thousands of the chain increases, there will be a "sandbox" phenomenon. As a child suddenly get a few hundred dollars, others see is not considered to be stolen? The construction of the chain optimization in search engine, although some funny, but also so. read more

Sep 11 2017

From the recent search engine as the future direction of the website

brand, adjust the search engines love Shanghai most recently to the timeliness of the micro-blog high weight good ranking, this is in addition to increase the weight of micro-blog, sends a signal to us, to be able to provide real-time information of the site, search engine will also improve the rankings, in order to be able to let the user get the latest information. Is your website can.

In addition to the

of course in addition to these, there are some other search volume is not a lot of keywords and website, compares some ranking in the second page website snapshot, whether the chain or included or PR, are inferior to every guest, Martha Marceau these sites, but the ranking is not as good as they. The only advantage is that they have a good ranking only name of the site, and not for a web site keywords ranking up name, with regular point words they do not have the website brand. In fact, think about it, so many sites are doing some of the same areas of competition, and the core of search words and there is not much difference, so it is possible for them to cause a lot of website name is repeated, so the search engine is no way to identify which one is really in line with the needs of users station, there is no way to give good rankings, and the website with the brand, also is to the site with a unique attribute identification, search engine nature is very easy to distinguish, give good rankings is needless to say. Therefore, the future development direction of the website that all will be brand station, whether your station is large or small, must have a unique identifier to the brand. read more

Sep 11 2017

Analysis of how to correctly understand the love Shanghai weight

, a "love Shanghai" the weight of the basic performance of

can affect the weights of the factors of love Shanghai website, a little experience is I after years of Shanghai Longfeng accumulation in combat, I >

general query method of love Shanghai included the use of "site:" +url, but the query is not accurate, included in the ranking are in any sort of Shanghai love, do not have to tangle you collected is not less, ranking is not on the home page. If you install the love Shanghai statistics, we can see the real data you love Shanghai included in the statistical background to you. read more

Sep 11 2017

Shanghai dragon orders skills nine Follow Up Services Raiders

1, website: when we realize the ranking do specify the location of the break, this time does not mean that the rankings are stable, the stability of the ranking is stable in the end of IP, PV, people dwell time, so if you want the customer’s site is stable, we must also continue to maintain a competitive analysis the opponent, in accordance with the intensity of competition schedule arrangement.

2, further communication and customer communication is the main step: the communication between the client and product knowledge and transform the direction of the problem, because we even communicate with customers a few articles, it may not really understand the product, do not understand the product would not know how to use different properties, the direction of the product, and even maintain a direction, only we fully grasp the details of the products, in order to make more in line with the clients and readers of the article, so as to better improve the conversion rate. read more

Sep 10 2017

Simai Ao Shanghai dragon optimization to enhance the visibility of security products

Simai Ao said: you want to make your company’s products with higher visibility, the Shanghai dragon optimization to have more in-depth research, more investment, and to make good use of it, let it give our enterprises greater help.

companies want to get a better living space, in fact it is not easy, because we all know, now this society, in the business market competition is very fierce, so now an enterprise wants to gain greater success, but also is not easy, so I want to let us security companies achieve greater success than their peers must do more good, but the most important is to improve our enterprise product visibility, and optimization of Shanghai dragon in this regard is able to give us a great help, so we have to use optimization for Shanghai Longfeng better. read more

Sep 10 2017

The basic principle and process of search engine of Shanghai White Dragon

The new page

3. spiders crawl, but now the page has been deleted.

2. spider have been, but there are changes to the page content page.

1. has never been caught spiders.

What is the most important The

search engine? Some people would say that is the accuracy of the search results, some people will say that the richness of query results, but these are not the most deadly local search engine. For the search engines, the most deadly is the query time. Just imagine, if you query a keyword in Shanghai love interface, it takes 5 minutes to put your query results back to you, it must be you soon abandoned love Shanghai. read more

Sep 10 2017

Shanghai is the richest of the dragon network marketing skills

is one of the most simple words, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon

told us that Shanghai dragon rich skills 1: ubiquitous opportunities and simple wealth building system

, that is, the search engine optimization ranking! The real brand show means and way to get traffic! Can be said to have the local search can be used in Shanghai dragon. So, now the network which does not need to search? What places do not search will provide you the best information



said its "

to show ads in any place in the target user, with their own advertising to attract users to the target site, network marketing is the most basic drainage. read more

Sep 10 2017

Secret some black hat Shanghai dragon core technology optimization

many people may find the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology particularly mysterious, because feel this technique can deceive love Shanghai search engine, to get good rankings in the shortest time site. And in fact now the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology has begun in the twilight, love Shanghai algorithm continuously under the background of the reform, many of the traditional black hat optimization techniques, such as keyword stuffing, pseudo original and black chain is difficult to be used, but there are still some innovation in the Shanghai dragon black hat optimization method, if reasonable use, also can play a good effect. read more

Sep 10 2017

Shanghai dragon how the text in order to achieve the best effect of publicity

of user characteristics is the first step in the high quality of soft Wen, only according to the contents of the article read the user need to organize, and adopt appropriate description in order to achieve the best effect of soft. The more time you spend in this stage, Shanghai dragon soft more can achieve a multiplier effect.

In addition to

a simple example of stationmaster net reading object is mostly male, high following these words and all correlation: enterprising spirit, helpfulness, energetic, and young Hor Mondo, catch the tide, good night, introverted, hard. So what people or things can stimulate? Good money scene, injustice, beauty, the opinions of others, save worry, save money! So, imagine, if there is a beauty of Shanghai dragon wrote an article (picture can be put to feel a little sorry, don’t be exposed to the imagination she just said), space: contact a company website optimization, but the superior is an old woman, she could not do, I hope you will support and give her website some help, I think this will lead to the strong support of the majority of owners love. read more