Month: August 2017

Aug 30 2017

The quantity and quality of the site outside the chain of Shanghai dragon who is more important


two. The content should be close to the best readability website theme why content close to the subject, the 1. general switched connections are looking for the same type of soft too, the same type of 2. on the platform of a good article would have needed to see these friends, to guide the flow accurately. A good article is to allow users to find the desired value from now on the Internet, too many "homogenization" article, general editor to save time is to make a two or three article. For the high quality of the chain, the content must be innovative, to have real-time, attract spider can also attract users click. As my website mainly recommended VPS host products, generally send some tutorials, server related technical articles, if you go to professional popularity in the forum can send a product discount information such as near the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, all service providers launched what preferential policies for special offer machine, XX launched a free host and so on, and write the contents of evaluation recommended reason etc.. With the value of information you get to share with users, which not only improve the readability of the article can accurately guide the flow. read more

Aug 30 2017

What chaos talk Shanghai dragon industry let us in a cocoon around oneself


so far, enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng services are still by keywords charges, which is really hard to have a standard. Although you can love Shanghai according to index, search volume, competition difficulty index keywords to quote.

black hat technology has been controversial in Shanghai Longfeng industry, on one hand can make quick access to website rankings and flow, the words can quickly let the flow of cash. On the other hand, the risk of black hat technology is too large, easy to check the algorithm of love Shanghai love now, Shanghai has been very intelligent. The light of the site right down, or direct K station, but there are also some black hat master in this industry. This part of practitioners will choose some profiteering industry website, for example: slimming, gray etc.. Black hat technology is a great risk of gambling, and reckless gambling, customers of the site is the official website of the enterprise, with the black hat technology is walking on the tip. read more

Aug 28 2017

How can the Shanghai dragon service providers to survive

Shanghai dragon One of the most important reasons for

service provider another extreme is ambitious, too arrogant, think they can have the ability to do some fierce competition in the word, the final result is the half do not go up, wasted energy. The author believes that the Shanghai dragon service providers should learn to act, don’t get too difficult to list, the general keyword index of more than 600, and in addition to 100 website itself do not pick up, rather than to pick a few.

for Shanghai dragon service, Shanghai dragon believes that many service providers have to give up, whether it is tragic hit the market price of cabbage or love Shanghai auction, so that they no longer have confidence in Shanghai Longfeng service, but I think, since the search engine is still, so Shanghai Longfeng is always market, value. Shanghai Longfeng service providers should learn to take the initiative to change myself to adapt to the environment, to survive. read more

Aug 28 2017

Experience is love Shanghai to restore the site down right after a month

Spring Festival first day back site began to drop right, and it lasted about 10 days, one day than the day keywords to decrease, until there is no ranking, the snapshot also not update, also not included, but the page keywords did not decline, such as some long tail keywords did not decline, is the home page of keywords was decreased is anxious, before it is normal, did not take illegal means to update daily original articles and original articles, the chain is also normal, only is the Spring Festival holiday for 12 days without tube, then come back after the start right down. read more

Aug 27 2017

Keywords high business value screening

love Shanghai index query

is the first link of website promotion is the most important link is the first site to do keyword positioning, take the enterprise website, many people think that the direct positioning industry most probably it did not actually happen vocabulary, or directly positioning region + vocabulary can be, so we can not say no, but not all right. Because some business and the direction is not the same, then we need to promote staff with the business personnel communication after doing corresponding positioning, so that subsequent promotion in order to maximize value, well, today Xiaobian Chen network together to find out there is a business value high keywords screening: read more

Aug 12 2017

Chinese nternet advertising costs 1 billion 500 million yuan in 3 monthsA leader should not despise

"Shang Jun book" recorded, Shang Yang prepared in the Qin Dynasty political reform, the development of a new law. In order to make people believe the new law is to resolutely implement, he was in the capital of the south gate and a wooden tree, the onlookers said: "who can be with the wood from the south gate to the north gate, will give him fifty-two silver!" most people do not believe there is such a good thing, I’m afraid the promise of Shang Yang to be honored.

everyone in shilly-shally, but carry the wood of a person, walk from the south gate to the north gate, Shang Yang cash on the spot, and gave him fifty-two shekels of silver. In this way, people believed that what Shang Yang said was right, and when he introduced the new law, he obeyed.

global Internet evaluation agency Nelson internet evaluation before released its recently launched the first online advertising tracking service report. The report shows that nearly 3 months, China’s Internet advertising costs as high as 1 billion 500 million yuan, automobile, electronic products and fast-moving consumer goods industry accounted for the top 3 online advertising. read more

Aug 12 2017

Google’s carrot stick how to make developers for equipment optimization page

if the label is a carrot, then stick here: Google said about these mobile friendly conditions and other factors, the company will carry out the relevant tests, and as a search engine ranking reference. This means that if the website design only for desktop or laptop screen, then they return to the future in the mobile search results page will be in a position behind the.

is currently Google mobile devices in a limited range of conditions for the "A/B test", the test only in thousands of users, rather than millions of large-scale testing between users. In the A/B test, some users will see a result, while other users will see another result, then the two different results were compared, and then find out that a good. read more

Aug 12 2017

Analysis of deficiencies about Shanghai Longfeng station do ask God for guidance


1. URL site directory hierarchy is not good [less]

Nofllow tag is actually to some important pages and links, to avoid the website weight with your flow to these pages, we put the tag, can do optimization Website weight. I like this one special [figure] is a link to my website. So we should like this link with nofllow tags.

4. necessary website: website map and 404 pages. [] need to communicate with the program design and

The website

the frame out of the box, should be made into bread crumbs navigation. I need this in the days after the optimization of a note. Because the breadcrumb navigation is conducive to search engine optimization. For the customer perspective, is conducive to the user experience. [figure] read more

Aug 12 2017

Chen Liang hospital website editor pseudo original skills 1

6. reminder: if you do not know where to read, can use this link to consult our experts; if you need to see a doctor and don’t want to queue up, can also pass through here in advance.

: I feel very humane, 24 hours online, such as magic sentence.

: whenever, free, half price, fast processing, etc. they are magical words forever.

4. if you still want to understand the situation, we can click online consultation, our online experts will give you the most professional, the most detailed answer, or call our hotline 24 hours of rehabilitation, and an expert on one. read more

Aug 12 2017

Do three months of Shanghai dragon targeted character is lost


two, Shanghai dragon is really a psychological challenge limit

fearless! One horn what are curious, the mind is all? But because has entered the stage, no longer in the school that nobody is willing to teach you for free, you have to learn to learn on the job, there are new breakthroughs and achievements in learning. Shanghai dragon is a team work, specifically, the Commissioner of the chain, website content update maintenance such as branches, each person is responsible for the work are not the same so the respective task is different. If you want to have new things for you every day, can tell you the choice of Shanghai dragon is wrong, because the Shanghai dragon is a challenge of perseverance, it requires you to have extraordinary perseverance and faith to adhere to. read more

Aug 12 2017

Change the site domain name will not affect the ranking of Shanghai dragon

is often seen in the forum, someone asked: "I need to change my name, what should be done? If you change the domain name, will not affect the ranking of" Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai unique finishing associated with this problem, to share with you.

all the question is whether you can put the original old domain name, "right" is changed to a new domain.

is the domain name we think is the brand effect and reliability, but the domain name does not directly affect Shanghai dragon ranking, and search engine should not set the domain name itself as search ranking factors. But we refer to the domain name itself, rather than the domain extension out of the trust. read more

Aug 12 2017

Do website description of love Shanghai rankings to go

we just search a word to look, our search content is divided into three parts, the first is the title, and then is a paragraph, and then in a snapshot of the URL and date, so we set description on what kind of effect? Some people say, is mainly to the content to tell people the website, I want to say here is to tell people what the site’s purpose is, but if you use the description so your website ranking will be in a very short time to improve.

is a station in Shanghai love home page second, I ranked fifth, because love Shanghai has geographical restrictions, so the search results may be different. This station is not directly the keywords in the title, only in the description > read more

Aug 12 2017

A5 mobile phone version of Shanghai mobile network owners love adaptation process

November 5, 2015, A5 officially launched mobile phone version of stationmaster net, the website domain name: m.admin5贵族宝贝.

November 6, 2015, in Shanghai Webmaster Platform can submit the mobile adaptation, and use the 301 directional jump adaptation, simply say that the use of mobile phone users access the PC page, mobile page corresponding to PC 301 automatic steering. This jump adaptation, it is best to use 301 or 302 directional, do not use JS. Why not use the JS jump? 1, Shanghai does not love any JS jump, Shanghai approved 301 or 302 directional love; 2, JS jump, to open a lot of things, and then jump, originally the mobile phone net fast slow, you also let the user anxious; 3, many browsers intercept JS, let JS can’t jump take effect. read more

Aug 12 2017

A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai experience submission skills

The main steps of the

combined with convincing

in a narrative practice when it is best to add pictures, which are more persuasive than words. If you are a user that will not have the patience to see long text, to only half a day if you know what I mean, if there is a corresponding picture, be easier to understand, better understand? So, webmaster friends must be illustrated in a narrative approach, so as to keep the user, then let the user read more understandable and persuasive.

notes and supplement read more

Aug 12 2017

360 we should pay attention to the Shanghai Dragon

for these data I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon is clear, is that this is a website in a week from the number of IP search engine came in, and we can see from these data, the site in the IP 360 and the proportion of the search from Shanghai love, love Shanghai to search IP accounted for 76%, while the search came from 360 in IP 21%.

this is Hitwise’s statistics, from August 2012 to March 3013 this 7 months has 360 fast have such achievements, in March alone had 12% click share, although it is still a great gap and love Shanghai, but this shows 360 of the data is obvious increase. read more

Aug 08 2017

95 after the Pathfinder agriculture 020 brand operation take the road of agricultural financeLei

this month, millet is still a sort of a small thing, is the release of surging S1 chip millet independent research and development. An article that Pingwest mentioned, all events millet official chronological memorabilia was completely omitted from 2013 to 2014 by the end of this period of time the.

millet until today, Lei Jun is still to punch in the first line, MIUI icon is not a good.

wild farmers Youpin

do O2O, bitter; do heavy mode O2O, more bitter

this period of time, for millet, it happens to be a turning point in history. read more

Aug 08 2017

Do not love Guo Degang to see the dream as a horse they have a dead one thousand times X brought n

to a dream horse’s name is so literary, art crazy, Pre-A round of financing 8 million 500 thousand yuan news with "dream of the four word horse travels in the south are on both sides of the Changjiang River, representative of the identity of comedy in Zhao Benshan, Guo Degang’s door pounding on a >

, your love Guo Degang isn’t my dish,


1.shlf1314adsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel

station has for many years, also built several microwave station, some income, repeated testing a lot of advertising alliance, introduce below: read more

Aug 08 2017

How to use Sina blog to do Taobao promotionClass nstagram camera apply EyeEm to find profit model

off the threshold is relatively low, do not like the shop that shipment delivery, no station can not, zero cost business, so now more and more people want to do Taobao, Taobao has become almost synonymous with guest wangzhuan. For no technology or no time to site promotion, the use of blog Taobao customers is the most appropriate choice. While the number of users in the blog and the highest weight than Sina blog, but Taobao off Sina blog use there are also many problems, there are problems to solve, the so-called foot step ahead. read more

Aug 08 2017

Taobao guest stationmaster learn to go out profit should do subtractionHow to sit under the Velodyn

currently, lidar, millimeter wave radar and visual sensors are the mainstream methods for sensing the surrounding environment. And in detection accuracy, detection distance, stability and adaptation to the surrounding environment >


unmanned radar is surging and the lidar status is unprecedented, but almost all lidar are called "Velodyne"".

driverless cars do not need to be manually operated because they can instead of human senses to automatically identify road information and pedestrians, and then control the car to complete the barrier and other functions. Instead of human eyes and hearing, the environment is perceived as part of the sensor. read more

Aug 08 2017

nternet entrepreneurs should learn from whom to succeed in businessThe failure and lesson of the fi

predecessors: to learn from older people is a good way to encourage entrepreneurs. Any successful entrepreneurs have experienced and experiencing the baptism of market competition, some successful entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs are usually the focus, a veteran in battle, their mind and ideas are worth entrepreneurs to learn. They can point out the inadequacy and bewilderment of the entrepreneur themselves more accurately, and help them to strengthen their confidence and rekindle their enthusiasm. But each edge entrepreneurs also need to combine their actual choice of reference, find out in line with their own path of development is the hard truth. read more