Month: July 2017

Jul 31 2017

Store PK Taobao store sales experience

the first to talk about my contact experience, 07 years I will contact Taobao, then purchase their own selling clothing, sold a month business is good, but for various reasons do not last, then apply to a company a year in the class, but the kind of oppressive environment couldn’t stand

store experience: finally decided to open a clothing store, everywhere some money I managed to wholesale shop to do it, then the fragile heart, looked everywhere to borrow money to go a little bit less, the heart is really painful, really afraid of the money was gone for ever. But the store business is good, slowly store on track, Taobao also gave up nearly two years ago heard a friend said his friends sell things online, now earn hundreds of thousands years, HO~~MY GOD, is really envy ah, but he didn’t what input, unlike me every day the rent, electricity, staff management fee… It was a lot of money, so once again, the guy who was particularly keen on Taobao came back to Taobao. read more

Jul 31 2017

The e book download station once confused me

site framework out, and endure the whole four days, technology is not, do very hard, the mood was very low. Always worry about space, asked a lot of flat-share, VPS said they are not allowed to do download station, almost abandoned the station in June 2nd, Taobao can see the season to pay only rent to the space, because the site in the small space frame well, directly uploaded. Four days, average sleep less than five hours a day, so stay beside the computer, obviously feel the spirit is not good. My girlfriend looked distressed dead tomorrow, said a good cook comfort me, my heart is still very pleased, wife know the pain of people, ha ha. Who called my wife is a 90 after it! This period of time is really hard, the original did two part-time, and now also quit a, must also do their own web site. Here again thank Ju brother, ha ha, thank him for his trust. read more

Jul 31 2017

Mother how to do case 4 years 80 stores millet pregnant baby water 150 million

[introduction] millet pregnant baby with 50 thousand yuan in the office opened the first store started, just 4 years, to reach 80 stores, sales of 150 million, and its gross profit is 2 times the normal baby shop. Millet pregnant baby advantage in 1) unique products; 2) attractive price; 3) for customer friendly, personalized service.

Yan Ling and

founder Li Zhiheng Millet’s dialogue

Chinese baby · editors press

a pregnant baby retail chain, in 2010, with 50 thousand yuan in the office opened the first store started, just 4 years, to reach 80 stores, sales of 150 million, and its gross profit is 2 times the normal baby shop. This is home to the rocket speed up enterprise is Taiyuan’s millet. read more

Jul 31 2017

Talk about the weight loss and recovery method after this Baidu update

came to A5 almost 2 months ago, learned a lot of new knowledge here, and also got the advice of the older generation. As before the debut wrote the original article "how can I just do website promotion to the first page of Baidu", also be seven moderator positioning for the original article, thanks, also strengthened my determination to continue learning.

also contributed as a debut in a5.

said this on the back. About weight loss and recovery after Baidu’s massive update in June 21st. read more

Jul 31 2017

Niuniu simply talk about how to use Baidu search list quick access to traffic

see if your station meets the following situations:

your station was included by Baidu, but the traffic from Baidu is relatively small. Your station is new station, the weight is not high, Baidu has not included your station. Suggest that you use this method, can help you quickly improve the site traffic and increase the chain. Your station, Baidu included a lot of traffic is also very high. Can use this method to improve the collection and traffic, very good.

, let’s take the movie station as an example: read more

Jul 31 2017

Website construction study use conversion rate to solve difficulty

When you have been blind in

ask, when we all seek their own, learning website itself may be an extremely difficult for all learning website friends! So can we use the conversion rate to decompose it? The difficulty is not difficult, the difficult points is simple, so that you can properly use this to build a website to you! Then explain to you, how to use the conversion rate to break difficult to make a website you need.

: first, you are going to think, is not required to understand those troubled code language, HTMT, PHP and so on, these you can have it all away to the back of the head, you only need to know, ask yourself what you need to do a station? What is your website love to do? Don’t tell I like Sina! You are completely blind, many people do see the portal to make money, do portal flow, they learn to do portal, see do good to do navigation, navigation, so you have to ask yourself, do you have the strength to do? When you stand no, you want to do this, it doesn’t belong to you! Unless you have a lot of money, find the master to help you manage, you also need to learn this, website? Back to a word, no matter what is the first station to the theme, what do you want What website, website is suitable for you, you think you can manage, for example: the music station, it must be like a music station, not to engage in the music and what picture, like a paradise that is 100, you put your own theme to break, has become a disorderly station, so others called trash! To the theme, in accordance with your theme for to carry out the following topics around the content, so it is a website. read more

Jul 29 2017

Local community website promotion experience sharing

local community early promotion must we all have different ways, I personally in the last film station entertainment station is shut down, started a local forum in early January, now has half the time, although this time the forum and not much development, but I use the time to the adjustment and the next step for promotion.

local Forum promotion, in addition to the Q group, bar and other publicity, as well as activities and physical advertising. In doing a local forum, first of all, do a local investigation, you should understand the local people, think about it, view their views, and all the planning should also be made around the local people. read more

Jul 29 2017

Discussion on the operation model and future development trend of the platform of the Amoy electrici

the current domestic sea Amoy business platform storm temporarily subsided, today we will talk about a sea Amoy and electricity supplier website and the future prospects for development.

one, electricity supplier era

What is the most primitive factor that

decides the user buys? In ancient times, the era of street vendors. People look at the goods in front of the vendors according to their own needs and assess the value the goods can give themselves. And vendors will give users a quote, if the price is higher than the value of the user evaluation, the user will bargain to reach the user psychological price, the transaction success. So, the original transaction is simple. Whether or not it will be done depends on two factors, the value and the price. read more

Jul 29 2017

Jagged networks listed three new board the first military community commercial road

Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jagged") formally listed on the new board (Stock Code: 833658), listed at the same time, private placement valued at 416 million yuan. So far, after 15 years of development of the iron and blood network, officially became the country’s first landing three new board of military web site, is also the first in the new three board listed community electricity supplier company.

The transfer mode of

for iron technology market making trading market maker to issue 2 million 600 thousand shares, the market maker for the Limited by Share Ltd, Orient Securities, Northeast Securities, essence securities Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd. One of the technical director is famous investor Zhang Ying, corporate shareholders Jingwei, east rich sea, the combined force of Qingyuan and other well-known investment institutions. read more

Jul 29 2017

From the portal standard buy see buy site which is more important than mode

us buy site Groupon model success, let buy Group website overnight fire in china. Such a miracle, in the "Chinese Internet hobby imitation", how can not be copied? Made in China China cheap goods is the characteristics of the economic development, while copy to China is one of the characteristics of the development of the Internet China. As the night suddenly Tuanfeng, thousands of thousands of group purchase open Groupon mode, copycats have opened a prelude to the hundred regiments.

in Groupon mode in the Chinese hot, the rise of group purchase website has its inevitable factors, one is the market demand dictates, businesses hope that through the group purchase discounts earn popularity, selling more products, and consumers want to buy more cheap goods. The two group purchase website development is the low threshold, low cost, and the open source process hoon, the basic operation cost is low, and there is a ready-made model to imitate, high productivity and low investment that is the biggest reason for countless entrepreneurs want to get involved. read more

Jul 29 2017

Baiguoyuan industry was by far the largest investment it what backing

[I world network note] the involvement of capital, so that fruit chain broke out a new round of shop wars. However, as an industry which is not too high in gross profit and high in attrition rate, it is limited by the difficulties of supply chain management, personnel and standardization system construction, but not all of them can do it now. "Money has two years to build a building, but a lot more money to make a different apple. It takes at least 5 years to grow from a fruit tree.". read more

Jul 28 2017

How to be a successful webmaster and share with novice friends

how do we quickly become a successful webmaster,


that’s all my point of view. I’m not completely experienced, because I’m not a very successful station so far.

I, learning ability.

many people love Discuz, "the official asked." but according to the observation, basically all the problems can be solved by searching function. If you really do not have the answer, then do it yourself have ample food and clothing is also very good habits. You can find the answer by searching and solving it yourself, then you can certainly become a persistent and determined webmaster. As a programmer, will not be very good use of the network to find their own answers or their own solution, then you do not succeed in the station may not be particularly large. I also have a website for some time, from the beginning of learning links writing, and so far, the forum does not ask questions more than 5 times. read more

Jul 28 2017

Baidu’s collection of new sites thinking and methods

since April 9th, stationmaster net SEO contest started, the new station has about 100 abstruse cereal N Google, everyone to see, but, until now, in April 15, 2008, for the past 6 days, there is not a new station was included in Baidu, which is why


had seen many articles to say how to let Baidu fast included your station, said very cow B, but why now is not a station to be included? Do not create new keywords


I analysis the reason, Baidu included new keywords is the first storage, then there is a time and assessment period, how long, it is difficult to estimate, but if in a period of the keywords in the other sites were not included, will be put out, this is a new well being collection methods. read more

Jul 28 2017

Local talent website captures fractionize operation or can accomplish great cause

site now more and more risk, the probability of success is very small, but large sites have large website rules of survival, small sites also have small website rules of survival, in other words the big website can make a lot of money, a small website can make a little money, the different pattern of different profits, as local talent website, could not scale operation than the size so that they can play based on the local sky belongs to own a piece of the same or this possibility, the so-called strong pressure to bow long, but if the local talent net station do not know how to use their own advantages, it may also appear Dragon sweep local phenomenon. read more

Jul 28 2017

Cn new sites and Baidu’s affectionate struggle

years ago had a health class website idea, plan a is the Sanxiawuquer fix! Many of the procedures, choose the most suitable; as for art, he is engaged in this design, it is not difficult; wildly beating gongs and drums for half a month, the new station asked the world


why do this site, you can see this article would also have the experience, do this for two years, every time you open the computer in the first ten minutes, the eyes are very uncomfortable, when the morning down, has a very hard feeling back; in physical condition is the decline to the webmaster friends! Have a similar experience, so the health website " read more

Jul 28 2017

January 5th A5 domain name auction short domain name is king 652 cn21 million transactions

A5 ( station network January 6th news, we cross over, wonderful domain name auction continues, the domain name market is still hot surge, yesterday in the A5 auction, all kinds of products, but the domain name market, still cannot do without a "short" word. has "let me love" homophonic allusion, suitable to build marriage websites, the highest bid domain with 210 thousand of the final bid for the auction yesterday.; and respectively to 9 thousand and 500 and 150 thousand of the reserve price auction; in addition, three initial.Cn auction is also another highlight of the A5 auction yesterday the. read more

Jul 25 2017

How to use half PV browsing in the same P

"this site is good, first collection; this site interface is good, first download, retain, and so on later reference."……" When I think of these ideas, most of our webmaster friends in online traffic sites also have had, is not too much to your satisfaction will not be less one or two, which I think no friend will oppose website at first glance gives the feeling of success even if the first step of our website promotion marketing, if you don’t believe it, I will give you 2 pages now you see, that which is good ( and, I don’t think I need to say that you already know the answer. read more

Jul 25 2017

An analysis triggered by micro blog how to make micro blog widely disseminated


Twitter was born 4 years ago, the micro-blog service makes the message between people spread more quickly, far beyond the traditional newspapers, TV and BBS forum, SNS, blog, community portal websites such as past all kinds of Internet media. In the past 2 years, large micro-blog portals, led by Sina and Tencent, have also launched their own micro-blog services, which have gradually become familiar with and used by the domestic public. Many stars, businesses and individuals are using micro-blog platform to take a variety of means, such as the development of fans, interactive marketing activities and personal comments to publicize, shaping brand image. But how to use micro-blog to achieve a better promotion effect? This article will be on a Sina micro-blog I forwarded (forwarded 260 times) analysis, transmission mechanism and characteristics of micro-blog, and gives 3 to let micro-blog widely spread suggestions. read more

Jul 25 2017

8 common causes of abnormal changes in web traffic

site analysis, a work flow is the most common of abnormal changes were analyzed and explained. This website traffic is high, why? The day after the website traffic is reduced, and why? How did these changes? What is the impact on the site? These are waiting for us to answer..

usually in the face of this situation, we will carry out a quantitative analysis, find out that part of the flow through the breakdown of specific changes. Then qualitative analysis, find out the specific reasons for this part of the flow changes. The first step of the work is relatively simple, through the Google Analytics subdivision function layer analysis, you can to find the reasons. And the second step of the job is more difficult. Because the data itself can explain what happened, but cannot tell why, so we, the real reason we need to find their own. read more

Jul 25 2017

Jingdong product operation notes of primary operation how to avoid pit

[Abstract] the new operation of the most taboo things do not think to change, nothing, but in the key node be negligent. Jingdong product operation Liu Weidong shared his a tragic lesson, operation is done, each time to be careful".

what are the biggest disadvantages of junior operators?

for some people, may not think, do not understand work, not learning, lazy.

, and for me, the biggest drawback is two words.


were removed from the workplace for so many years, I have slowly corrected this slightly wrong, but to know in the past, but the harm I often become colleagues mouth pit teammates’ motivation. read more